The Function Of Dehumidifier In Storing Products

To avoid spoilage of stored food, the humidity of stored food should be kept below 50%. If the humidity reaches 70 %, it is enough to form mold growth. Some industrial products can become corrode or lumpy because of the moisture. There are two ways can solve this problem. One is to use a heating device, and the other is to utilize the dehumidifier.

It seems that option one is much easier and cheaper than option two, but it is not always practical. It needs proper insulation and energy-intensive heating. Therefore, it isn’t an energy-saving method. In addition, if the warehouse or storage room is big, dry room through the heating is tough to achieve. Therefore, using the heating device to solve the humidity problem is not a reasonable way. It lacks cost-efficiency and operation efficiency. For people to pursue an energy-saving mode, they can choose to use a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier can efficiently keep the air dry by constantly transporting the dry air, even in the poor insulation room. And the only requirement is the warehouse should diffusion-proof and seals impervious to smoke. Therefore, compared to heating, the dehumidifier is more energy-saving.

Dry air is used in many industries to keep the goods from humidity. The electronic industry restored the print circuit board by using dry air. Other industries like the pharmaceutical industry used it to restore various medicine, food industries to restore all kinds of food, and chemical industries to restore all types of hygroscopic. And some raw materials also are restored in dry air. We have all sorts of dehumidifiers to help you to reach the ideal humidity level. And some units are weatherproof when facing extreme weather.

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