The Role Of The Dehumidifier In Preventing Icing

The food industry has to face various challenges every day, and one of the challenges is to prevent the icing on the food. Ice, frost, and fog are ordinary phenomena in the refrigerant manufacture essential infrastructure. However, it may cause various malfunctions and accidents, and it can result in production losses. Install a dehumidifier of proper capability can solve these problems.

The almost inevitable moisture in the deep freeze zone precipitates on walls, floors, ceilings, etc. Even well-equipped airlocks do not prevent the flow of moist air to the dry air zone. In addition, precipitation and icing can cause various effects, such as it can cause the severe risk of slippage on the floor of the loading bay and entrance area, like skidding forklift. And the fog formed due to the transparent strip curtain can affect the view from the back room. Icicles or chunks of ice falling from the ceiling can injure workers. In addition, the bar code of the product can be damaged by frost and cannot be used. More importantly, cleaning and defrosting production equipment not only consumes a lot of energy but can also lead to production delays and enormous losses for investors.

Because defrosting and cleaning costs are costly. So the way to prevent icing is to take active precautions, preferably by installing a dehumidifier to prevent icing and frosting. Our commercial dehumidifiers are efficient and easy to operate, preventing accidents due to slippery roads and helping to protect products. Our dehumidifiers are suitable for all weather conditions and are definitely your best choice!

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