Can Dehumidifiers Play A Role In Maintaining Electronic Devices?

Electronic devices need careful management from manufacturing to transportation to storage to prevent corrosion of sensitive components and circuits. Because electronic devices may need to be stored for long periods, great care needs to be taken to control conditions in the storage room, such as humidity. When humidity is not correctly managed, too much moisture in the air can lead to corrosion and failure of components. Sensitive electronic and electrical equipment can be affected by various technical operation failures. In addition, there will be short circuits and product malfunctions, which cause irreversible brand image damage due to the supply of defective electronic products. What’s more, it can increase customers’ insurance and warranty claims, causing great losses to manufacturers.

Electronic components can malfunction because of moisture. When moisture comes into contact with cold surfaces, it condenses into tiny droplets, which can cause corrosion of electronic devices. Therefore, storage of these products in a humid environment can lead to operational failures during electrical installation and use. Moisture in the circuit increases resistance, and it can make the device not function well and lead to failure, sometimes even complete system failure. In addition, humidity can cause short circuits.  When the humidity in the air condenses on the cold surface of the circuit, it can lead to corrosion and short circuits, which can cause fires and even pose a threat to life and property.

When the humidity is less than or equal to 45%, the metal surface corrosion may occur. Alorair dehumidifiers are economical and reliable to help you solve condensation and corrosion problems in storage rooms. In addition, by controlling humidity levels, dehumidifiers can help you supply products as delivered as expected to protect your company’s reputation and vendor’s relationship with customers. In addition, the use of dehumidifiers can also minimize the rejection rate and limit customer warranty requirements.

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