A few tips for school dehumidification

August 20,2021

The school needs to equip the dehumidifier. Because the school has a lot of activities and long hour has people around the facility. And the more people stay, and the more moisture will generate. Therefore, dehumidification can offer a healthy and comfortable space for students and school staff.

In school, people, ongoing activities, and the environment will release the amount of humidity. In addition, the high moisture also will bring terrible effects on the school, administration building, and staff office due to the unpredictable and unstable flow of people.

What's more, the uncontrolled moisture will cause the following problem: high humidity will affect the comfort level of students and staff. More to the point, it can distract people and drive low efficiency. In addition, excess moisture can damage the furniture, wall, and other fixture. Moreover, the condensation occurs on the surface of the wall, and it may breed mold. Furthermore, the operation and maintenance fee is high, which includes cooling, heating, ventilation, and cleaning.

People can give out water during the activities, and any treatment will be disturbed by constant and repeat open the windows and doors. On the other side, unlike dehumidification, conditioning, heating, and ventilation only deal with the temperature, not the humidity. In addition, the school also offer a swimming pool and some leisure place, and the swimming pool makes a significant contribution to improving the moisture. Because humidity has a lousy influence on people's health and destroys the school's structure and construction, this area needs well protected to avoid the moisture effect.

In addition to using a dehumidifier, schools can also adopt the following practices:

Fix plumbing problems and roof leaks as soon as possible.

Wet areas should be dried within 24 hours.

Ventilate the dryer outside the building.

Keep gutters, downspouts, and storm drains in good repair and free of debris.

Avoid carpeting in damp areas.

Ensure the ventilation system is clean and functioning correctly.

Keep the indoor humidity between 30% and 60%.