Application of two dehumidification methods in various industries

August 28,2021

The humidity level between the dry air restoration and industry is similar. Many industries need to prevent their product from mold and bacteria, just as protecting the restoration foods in the dry air. In addition, industrial items are more likely to be corrected and lumpy due to the high restoration requirement because the restoration goods will become stale when they absorb the moisture. Therefore, keeping the humidity below 50%can prevent the foods fresh because when the humidity reaches 70%, mold will start to grow. There are two ways can effectively control the moisture and keep the foods. One uses heating equipment, and the other uses a dehumidifier.

When choosing option one, people need to ensure the proper insulation of the room and apply energy-intensive heating. It seems easier to operate and cheaper than option two. In fact, it is a high energy consumption way, primarily when used in a massive warehouse space. So, it will not be a reasonable approach as it is not cost-efficient and operation efficiency. Therefore, people should pursuit more energy-saving ways to effectively remove the humidity. The dehumidifier will be a more feasible way to control the moisture and be more energy-efficient compared to the heater. What's more, it can constantly convey the dry air to keep the room dry. And the only limitation is the storeroom should be diffusion-proof along with the seals impervious to smoke.

Dry air restoration is widely used to keep the items from the humidity. The electronic industries use dry air storage to store the print circuit board. The pharmacy industries use hygroscopic powder to keep all types of medicine. The food industry store all kinds of foods by using dry air storage. Other industries also use dry air storage to save the raw material. To cater to all customer's needs, we supply all types of dehumidifiers, and our products are waterproof and can apply to extreme weather.

During the planning of dehumidification, the investors should also consider the hauling paths and transfer sites simultaneously. If the product contains hygroscopic substances, such as salt, sugar, any powder type, dehumidification is best to start from the beginning of the shipment. Our dehumidifier is your best choice because it is compact, stackable, and portable.