Dehumidifying Tips At Home

October 15,2021

What does a high level of humidity cause to your home? You may feel uncomfortable, and even worse, the moisture can threaten your house's structure and surface.

As U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggests that the ideal humidity for people to live comfortably is to maintain it between 30% and 50%, and the proper moisture also can create some positive effects, such as:

1. Improve individual living comfort.

2. Protect the wood, paint, and furniture in your house from humidity.

3. Inhibition of mold and mite growth by improving indoor air quality.

4. Reduce the possibility of allergen by eliminating the pest infestation.

5. Decrease energy consumption by using the correct dehumidification device.

People living in the south to control the moisture run air conditioners in the home year-round. No doubt, this will cost a lot of electricity. Therefore, to achieve energy-saving and sustainable use of your cooling system, the expert proposal some tips, like

1. Set the fan to run automatically.

2. Install a device with variable speed air handling.

3. Invest in a whole-house dehumidifier.

4. Do not automatically turn down the thermostat.

However, the expert also pointed out that air-conditioning systems can only maintain the humidity they are designed to remove. There are a few ways can help prevent extra moisture from seeping into your home.

1. Turn on the vent fan in the kitchen and bathroom.

2. Install a dehumidifier.

3. Cover the floor in the crawl space with a plastic vapor barrier.

4. Seal pipe leaks.

5. Grow indoor plants that absorb moisture from the air.

6. Clean the air conditioning drip tray and drainage pipe to keep it unblocked.

7. Avoid hot showers and boiling water on the stove in humid weather.

8. Clean gutters and downspouts and extend downspouts away from the house.