Effects of Mold

October 28,2020

Molds are harmful when you allow them to thrive in your backyard. They can cause a range of health problems and render your family susceptible to ailments, like asthma and respiratory issues. It can also compromise your immune system and make you vulnerable.


When you get exposed to excess Mold, it can cause potentially harmful effects on your health. Some of them are hazardous and could lead to harmful reactions. So the effects of molds need to be mitigated by deploying an Alorair dehumidifier to control humidity.


Continue reading this article to learn more about the effects of molds in homes and commercial premises.


1. They are the source of dust in homes and workplace

Molds are the main causes of dust in our homes and workplaces. Even though some of them are not hazardous to humans, they lead to a reaction. However, the reactions may vary from person to person depending on the prevailing conditions. When the spores are present in high quantities, it can produce poisonous mycotoxins. Also, it can cause fungal infections.  


2. Allergic reaction

When the number of molds in the home or working place increases, it causes an allergic reaction that could be moderate or severe, depending on the person’s health conditions. Some molds may produce mycotoxins, which pose health risks to both animals and humans.


3. Respiratory issues

Molds produce spores that cause respiratory issues. They lead to running nose and sinus congestion. In some cases, they cause wheezing chest tightness and could lead to breathing difficulties. The symptoms include throat irritation, cough, and sneezing.


When children are exposed to fungal Mold, they may develop respiratory problems that lead to persistent cough and wheezing. The increased exposure can result in the development of respiratory problems in the first year of their lives.


Adults, too, can develop complications as a result of exposure to Mold. Some of the problems they may develop are heightened sensitivity and weak immune system. They can also lead to chronic lung illness and weaken the immune system.


4. Fungal infection

Molds produce Mycotoxins, which are associated with fungal issues. Also, they may produce Dermatophytes fungi that cause skin infections. Besides, it can cause athletic foot issues.  


5. Opportunistic infection


Molds such as aspergillus fumigatus and Talaromyces marneffei cause illness and could lead to death, especially when the victim has a compromised immune system. Thus patients with Aids and asthma can succumb to the virus if exposed to the fungus.


6. Risk of cancer

One of the examples of mycotoxin is aflatoxin. It is produced by fungus in food and is associated with cancer. The fungus is found in corn foods and feeds.


There is indeed a correlation between mold exposure and respiratory syndromes. Also, exposure to molds could lead to health issues such as irritation of the eye, sinus congestion, and nose. Other problems that are likely to arise are asthma and bronchitis. Besides, people with mold allergy will experience itchy eyes and a persistent cough. It can also restrict the airway and result in restricted breathing. The good thing is that all these problems could be eliminated by installing an Alorair dehumidifier.