Fire Damage Repair Q&A

July 06,2020

Fire damage is an unfortunate incident but life must go on. Once the fire dies down, and the smoke clears, victims are commonly left with questions they find hard to answer. Alorair has wide experience in dealing with fires when they happen and even after they happen. The aftermath of fires is often highly painful and hard to get over. We seek to provide you with possible helpful answers to the questions that often arise as a result of such fires. Some questions are fairly common, while others are unique to certain situations of fire.

Question: What Should I do after my structures or property has been razed down by fire?

Answer: it will help to first call your insurance agent to share your claim with them. The agent will easily help you to see possible ways of securing your home or business space. You will also access information on how you can engage home restoration service companies, and even how you can process related claims.

Question: What should I do to secure my property after a fire has gone?

Answer: Many companies that provide restoration services also offer board up service to forestall theft that is likely to occur in the aftermath of a fire. A well-constituted board up service ensures that burglars will not access your property with ease while it is in their hands.

Question: Is inspection necessary if my property after the fire necessary?

Answer: According to the law, it is only a licensed engineer who serves as an inspector or an industrial hygienist who is allowed to determine how safe a building is. Moreover, the risk involved in checking the fire damage is too high. It is, therefore, critical that you only call a professional to inspect for you. So, yes, inspection is good but by the right personnel.

Question: Do I need to call a professional to clean up if the fire was not big?

Answer: usually, the process of cleaning up the dirt, the suit, and the smoke after a fire is a tough one. It is hard to define a small fire because even the apparent small fire in size can cause far-reaching damages that can be hard to recover from. Even the so-called small fires leave an odor that can be extremely hard to remove. You should also note that if action is not taken within the first few hours of the incident of fire, the after-effects such as soot and smoke could turn permanent.

Question: Is it advisable to stay in my home space during the restoration of fire damage?

Answer: The degree of the damage caused by fire will determine whether you can stay within or not. Other factors include the layout and the comfort level you require. If you need extra accommodation plans, you can discuss with your insurance agent to arrange for offsite accommodation such as staying in a hotel or similar premises. Often, such plans are covered by the insurance plan.

Question: How long will the restoration take?

Answer: The extent of the damage is what determines the length of the restoration process. Besides, your insurance and the local authorities will want space and time to investigate the cause of the fire and the extent of the damage before your restoration firm begins to work. So, it is not definite.