Five Tips For Drying Carpets

September 23,2021

To make it easier for you, we divided this section into five parts. And every aspect has a slightly different way to fast dry your carpet.

Creating A Sufficient Air Flow

We hang the clothes up outside on the line because the air can dry them out quickly. Using the same method can also dry the carpet more efficiently. If you have carpet that has sufficient windows, you don't need to worry. In addition, if there is a door opening onto the patio or garden, open the door let the fresh air in it can dry your carpet fast. Once you establish an efficient ventilation system, it can boost the drying process. And it is also an excellent way to avoid the accumulation of damp and musty smell that fills the room. However, keep in mind that this method is weather-limited, so windows need to be closed on rainy and cloudy days. A little tip: if you have two opposite windows, open one window entirely, and open the other window slightly, which creates a strong cross window to dry the carpet more quickly.

Using The Fan 

In humid weather, the wind seems useless. The fan becomes a hero in drying the carpet. A ceiling fan can make the carpet dry. It's the most efficient way if your carpet is directly underneath the fan because the fan creates an appropriate air funnel. Once a funnel of air blows over the carpet, it starts to dry out the carpet quickly. In addition, you can use a desk or standing fan, and it also can get the job done. The fan can create current under the air and over the carpet, speeding up the drying process. Tips: when you have two fans placed in the opposite end, turn on the fans to quickly dry the carpet.

Utilize Air-Conditioning  

Air-condition is also an excellent way to dry the carpet if you don't have adequate airflow or a fan nearby. However, using air condition may increase the cost of maintenance due to the high running cost. In addition, air-condition can't provide a fresh air environment because of lack of air circulation. And if you dry out the carpet by using air condition, the room can become stuff. A quick tip: It's tricky to identify whether the carpet is cold or dry because the cold air is coming from air condition contact the wet material of the carpet, and it will take more time to dry the carpet. So the better way is to turn off the air conditioner when you feel it start to become dry, let the carpet down to room temperature, then check whether the carpet is close to the padding and if the carpet is dry or not. 

Expose The Padding 

When you have a large carpet, drying the carpet using exposed carpet padding is a star option. Once you have extracted the proper amount of water from the padding, you can pull the carpet back. Exposure padding should start from the corner. You have to pull the fibers out of the carpet with pliers. Use pliers when you pull it out, but pull it gently. Don't worry when you hear a tearing or cracking sound because the sound is a tack strip. This strip holds the carpet to the padding. Therefore, no harm will be done to you.

You can follow the below steps to dry your padding:

1. blowing air between the padding and carpet.

2. using a dehumidifier when in the closed room.

3. lift the four sides or corners of the carpet, let the fan blow the air under the carpet and on the padding.

4. connecting a vacuum hose to the vacuum, and place the hose under the carpet and above the padding.

Towel Dry

Using a dry towel is also a feasible way to dry the carpet. You should spread the towel cover the wet carpet. The towel is made of absorbent material. So when you use it on a damp carpet, it dries out the fabric by absorbing water into the towel. It would be best if you walked back and forth on the towel you put on the carpet. Walking or jumping on a carpet-covered towel can better squeeze the water out. Once you notice that the towel is getting wet, replace the wet towel with a dry one in the same area. It would help if you continued to do this on wet carpets until you see that the carpet is dry. And you should check under the carpet again to make sure the floor and carpet padding is not saturated with water.


Drying carpets after cleaning is quite a daunting task. It requires the necessary skill and effort, and if you want to take your carpet drying game to the next level, we offer a professional service that you won't regret choosing.