Gradual Water Damage

April 18,2020

Gradual water damage refers to water damage that occurs slowly over a period of time. Mainly caused by slow leaking pipe joint in-wall, continuous increase in the humidity that causes gradual damage.

The perfect example of gradual water damage is when the wallpaper starts to peel off the wall then within a number of weeks half the wall is uncovered.


Gradual water damage in your home.

A home is a complex structure that has a lot of different features and systems all working in harmony to make your indoor space comfortable. The plumbing and ventilation system all the most like causes of gradual water damage in your home, especially if proper regular maintenance is not done.

For the most part, we are only able to see what is on the surface indoors, like walls and our household items, however, a lot can go wrong under the surface.

Gradual water damage can be easy and cheap to repair when detected early but if it takes time the damage can be expensive to repair.


Signs of gradual water damage.

Look out for the following signs at home :

  1. Wall paint discoloration – even the smallest water damage discoloration on the walls or ceiling should be addressed as it could be a sign that there is a burst pipe that is slowly filling your walls with water.
  2. Walls bulging outwards – water damage is the main reason for most walls to bulge outwards especially wooden walls.
  3. Strange odors -  if you any of the rooms start having a moldy or stuffy smell, you ought to check for the source. We also recommend you perform a sniff test at all your pipes, sink, toilets, dishwashers, and washing machine as any new strange odor could be a sign of a leak in the plumbing.
  4. Low water pressure – should you notice reduced water pressure when using the taps or the showering this could indicate a burst pipe.
  5. Higher water bill – while a higher water bill doesn’t necessarily mean you have busted plumbing, however, should you get a higher water bill and you are sure you didn’t increase your water consumption, it might be advisable to have your home’s plumbing checked for leaks.