Health Issues, Safe Removal Water Damage

April 10,2020

Water damage is one of the most expensive challenges any homeowner can encounter. It is important for any homeowner the amount of money required to repair after water damage increases depending on how long it takes to initiate water removal. Hence, if the water damage is not addressed fast, then the more it will cost to fix it.


Safe water damage removal

Follow these 2 important steps before beginning water removal.

  1. After any flood, turn off the power! This will protect you from getting electrocuted and protect your water-logged electrical appliance from short-circuiting as a result of fluid damage.
  2. Find the source of water and stop it. -  For instance, the source of the water damage can be a burst or leaking pipe, you should immediately cut off the water supply at the main gauge.

 If it is a water-stained ceiling check for leaks in the roof. While there is nothing you can do to stop the rain, you can stop rainwater from flooding your home, you build water barrier on the space letting the rainwater indoors.


Water removal

The method you choose for water removal will depend on the extent of flooding to your experience.

If the flooded water is little in amount, then you can easily use a mop and mop up all the water. However, should it be a significant flood then you should install a water pump or a sump pump to help remove the water as fast as possible.

What are the likely health issues?

  1. Source of water – depending on the source of the floodwater. Floods caused by clean tap water will pose fewer health risks compared to black floods from raw sewage. Black rainwater contains chemicals and toxins that can cause severe illness if consumed. It is important to consult professional water damage and restoration expert, especially when you suspect the flood is caused by sewage water.
  2. Mold, fungi, and bacteria – increased moisture create the perfect environment for mold, dust mite, and mildew to thrive. These are proven allergens that can cause respiratory allergies, skin and eye allergies, trigger asthma attacks.  

Fungi and bacteria reproduce at an accelerated level in a moisture space, they are responsible for the decay in wood and can cause a lot of structural damage.


Why invest in an Alorair dehumidifier?

After any flood, mold will begin to grow in less than 24 hours of rainwater it is important to ensure you dry the space as fast as possible.

An Alorair dehumidifier will :

  • Speed up the dry process by maintaining low relative humidity levels.
  • Equipped with HEPA air filters – that are used to remove mold spores and any other impurities in the air.
  • It makes your indoor space more comfortable.