How to avoid the side effect of hot and humid summer

July 20,2021

Nowadays, many people are suffering from the hot and humid summer. When it gets humid outside, a hot day can make people increasingly intolerable. And high humidity also increases the risk of getting sick. Here's an emergency doctor's explanation of how humidity affects people's health, along with some advice on how to avoid the dangerous side effects of hot, sweaty summers.

How does humidity affect our bodies?

Doctors explain that sweating is the body's way of cooling itself. On a humid summer day, the sweat stays on our skin and can't evaporate. So people often feel hot and sticky. Our bodies are sweating, but the body temperature can not be relieved. Eventually, high humidity cools the body too much. But this requires extra work on the part of the body, and it causes a temperature rise.

What are the risks of high humidity?

First of all, high humidity and heat can affect our mood. People will feel irritable because they are not used to the hot and humid environment. Importantly, it can also damage our internal systems. As our body temperatures continue to rise, our bodies need to work harder to keep us cool. As a result, the extra work our bodies do causes us to overheat. It causes our bodies to lose the water, salt, and chemicals they need to function. As a result, heatstroke and a range of heat-related illnesses may occur.

How to avoid the dangerous side effect of high fever and high humidity?

1. Try to stay in a cool, air-conditioned place during high humidity and heat.

2. Use a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier can remove extra moisture from the air. Dry air can also make it easier for you and your body to cool down.

3. If you can't stay indoors, it's essential to prepare before you go out. For example, bring an umbrella and a water bottle for sun protection and rehydration. If necessary, you can take some anti-hyperthermia drugs on the advice of your doctor.

4. Seek medical advice if you feel unwell.