How to choose air mover

July 13,2021

Cleaning, drying, and ventilating are the three main functions of an air mover. It not only can use in construction sites but also be widely applied in newly-built buildings. For example, we can use it to dry our newly painted house, etc.


The purpose of your purchase

Why you should buy an air mover?First, you should make sure the purpose of your purchase. For example, you want to buy an air mover to dry the damp carpet quickly. It's always essential that the air mover is matched your purchase purpose. Because there are a large number of air movers in the market, and different air mover has various shapes, sizes, and strength.


Power and speed

Power and speed are two important elements you need to consider when you purchase the air mover. Power stands for how much strength of air an air machine can produce.  On the other hand, when we talk about speed, it's like the number of revolutions per minute of a blade in an electric fan. However, the faster the fan spins, the more noise it makes.

Other considerations

To ensure electrical safety, we will also consider how the machine is assembled. For example, in what country was the machine assembled? Is it made of safe materials? Do these materials heat up quickly? What professional tests has the product passed? Are instructions and labels fully equipped?


Choose CFM and horsepower

CFM, cubic feet per meter. It refers to the amount of air that can be produced and released in a minute. The more horsepower a machine has, the higher the CFM. In addition, one horsepower is equal to 746 watts. The more horsepower a machine has, the more power it has. If you want to achieve the desired results as quickly as possible, choose a high-powered machine.


Why us:

The Zeus Extreme can be deployed for quick air drying since it boasts of the following specifications:


     •    Operates on 115 VAC,220VAC


     •    Draws a current of 2.3 Amps when running at a high-speed ,Focused velocities 0 to over 23.5 feet


     •    It is CFC Duplex rated 15A UL


     •    Sound level is <75DBA


     •    Enjoys an airflow of 3000 CFM


     •    It weighs 39.7lbs


     •    Measures 19.2"L x15"W x19.2"H

Alorair is a company founded in the United States. The Zeus Extreme is one of Alorair's best-selling products. Zeus Extreme was designed to maximize air velocity and evaporate water from the subfloor, carpets, sill plates, and walls. The unit can meet the customer's requirements and can be relied on when an adverse natural catastrophe brings health hazards to your doorstep. Zeus extreme is safer to use and efficient. It can withstand 1.5 static pressure. Zeus extreme is warranted: all parts and labor components have 1 year of warranty while the parts come with a 2-year warranty. In addition, the processing technique and materials have a 3-7 years warranty.