How to Correctly Reduce Property Losses After A Fire

May 21,2021

Fires often bring us great losses, whether it is property, health or life.

Regardless of whether you put out the fire in time, the losses that have been caused are inevitable.

What to do after a fire? 

The fire is ruthless and tragic. After a disaster occurs, how to deal with it reasonably and reduce the loss is a very important matter. Therefore, we should properly handle matters after the fire to avoid secondary damage and unnecessary losses.

1. Ventilation

Smoke and smoke will float in the indoor air, these are harmful particles. Ventilation is the key to bringing pollutants outside. If you fail to do so, it may cause a second fire. Oh my god, I hope you don’t encounter this kind of thing. 

2. Record the items

Carefully record the items taken, the location of the items, and the situation after the items have been taken out. This is essential for your insurance claim.

3. Handling items

Determine which items should be cleaned and where and which items to discard. Cost and value are key considerations. In most cases, the item is not damaged but just overheated, cleaning and cooling can be solved, but the melting and discoloration of plastic items cannot be repaired.

4. Find a repair expert

For professional assistance, reach a company that offers cleanup and restoration services in any fire damage situation. These companies are able to salvage your properties and help return your home to its pre-damage condition.

5. Clean up residual odor

After cleaning, there may still be a small amount of odor remaining. The Alorair air scrubber will help you eliminate these odors. During this time, the three-stage filter can filter smoke and VOC well. 


Alorair’s technicians know how to remove smoke damage. When you call us, we will use the most advanced equipment and technology to mitigate losses and protect your property.