How to do the fire damage remediation?

August 02,2021

The harm of fire is unimaginable, and even a small fire can be a devastating disaster. A fire can cause serious damage to your property and will leave you in ruins. In addition, there are some potential hazards after the fire.

Cleaning after fire damage includes removing debris, clearing standing water, and dealing with flooding, eliminating all smoke particles and soot, discarding or replacing damaged items, and eliminating the smell of smoke. These jobs will require considerable time, effort, and expertise.

Before restoration can begin, first make sure the house is stable and safe to enter. All debris and soot must be removed from the home before the fire remediation officially begin. Because the longer soot stays in the air, the more damage it does to people and homes, and the debris can hinder the process of repair. In addition, removing soot and debris can improve air quality and reduce odors in the air. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to remove soot.

In addition, since water can penetrate walls, floors, and even the lower floor, professionals should clean up the water as soon as possible. And they can put air machines and commercial dehumidifiers to remove excess water and wet and dry surfaces.

After a fire has been extinguished, smoke and soot cause the main problem for air quality after a fire. Clean up smoke damage by using air scrubbers and air mobilizers to clean the air. And use anti-smoke cleaning products on any surface that has absorbed smoke. And If there any damaged furniture you want save, ask a professional to repair them immediately.

Care should be taken when touching machines or appliances after a fire, as they can store electricity even when unplugged. It's best to move everything out of your home, even if it's not damaged. To avoid contamination, the undamaged item also should move out of the house and ask professionals to move back after the restoration is completed.

Also, consider the removal of post-fire odors, deep cleaning, and stain removal, depending on the degree of mold or smoke on the item. We recommend using specific cleaning products to clean or deodorize items.