How to keep the room dry?

September 07,2021

Humidity affects our health and living environment. It is necessary to maintain humidity balance. Share 8 tips to help you solve the humidity problem.

1. The interior design should maintain ventilation and good lighting. Especially in the bathroom, kitchen, basement and other places prone to dampness and mildew, it is best to open a window or install an independent ventilation system.

2. Develop a good habit of keeping dry at all times.

3. The growth rate of bacteria is faster than you can imagine. Most bacteria will appear within 24 hours of water leakage

4. When engaging in any activities that require water, such as washing hands, bathing, washing dishes or cooking, remember to turn on the exhaust fan or close the window to keep air circulating and avoid an accumulation of water vapor.

5. Use a fan to dry the floor after taking a shower.

6. A long towel or double stepping point can be laid under the flow table to wipe water stains at any time.

7. Regularly check whether the ceiling, wall or water pipe is leaking. If there is a leak or mold, find out the cause and repair it as soon as possible.

8. Buying an Alorair dehumidifier is a very good choice, which can bring you home with balanced humidity.