How To Maintain Your Air Scrubber Effectively

December 02,2021

Air scrubbers are one of the most popular devices in modern home appliances. They can not only capture pollution particles in the air but also remove odors in the room. Most importantly, air scrubbers can improve indoor air quality and reduce allergies or respiratory illnesses. Maintenance is essential to better and longer run air scrubbers. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your air scrubber effectively.

1. Replace the filter regularly

Replace the filter regularly. Generally, the machine should be replaced once after 800 hours of operation, especially when the indicator light of the filter gives a prompt to replace it. It should be replaced in time. Once filters cannot be replaced regularly, your machine will run inefficiently and risk overheating. At the same time, use the opportunity to change the filter to clean the entire unit to prevent cross-contamination. Do not install new filters until the unit is completely dry.

2. Check plumbing and wiring

The primary purpose of maintaining an air scrubber is to run efficiently and for a long time. In addition, maintaining air scrubbers can effectively reduce the cost of expensive repairs and repurchases. An easy way to ensure your machine is running efficiently is to check the air scrubber's pipes and wires for kinks and bends.

3. Check the fan blades

The fan blade is one of the essential parts of an air scrubber. Make sure it is in optimum condition and does not appear dirty or bent. If the blade is found bent, it needs to be replaced; Dirty, cleaned up in time. To prevent the unit from receiving damage and ensure that the air scrubber remains in optimum performance.

4. Check GFCI function

GFCI function, grounding fault circuit interruption. GFCI protection is used to turn off appliances if the current is not correctly sensed, ensuring your safety when using electrical equipment. And GFCI-protected devices should include a testing mechanism. Test your equipment to see if it works properly and is safe.

5. Take preventive measures

Take necessary precautions, including unplugging air scrubbers and wearing personal protective equipment before performing maintenance. Check the instruction manual and read instructions on how to perform maintenance tasks safely.

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