Tips For Preserving Old Books

November 16,2021

Preserving the quality of old books retains their monetary value. For us book collectors, whether the books on our shelves are rare first editions or novels of value only on an emotional level, we want to ensure the longevity and prosperity of our books by maintaining them. It's not that hard to take care of old books, and here are a few simple tricks to keep your books looking their best for years to come.

Have you considered that moisture is also an essential factor affecting the storage of old books?

A lot of times, we just put the book on the shelf and let it collect dust. When books accumulate dust, mold can grow. In addition, your home will be infested with bugs. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the dust accumulated on books in time. You can dust the front and sides of the book with a dry cloth or paintbrush. And you can also wrap your books in plastic and put them in glass bookcases.

Store books away from direct sunlight. Because sunlight permanently discolors book covers, it also bleaches paper, increasing acidity, all of which devalues valuable books. So if you keep your books in direct sunlight, cover them with UV protective covers.

Temperature and humidity also have a significant impact on the storage of old books. Too high a temperature can make the glue fragile, pages fall out, and leather covers crack. In addition, high humidity, such as in air conditioning, piping, or leaking places, is likely to produce condensation, which will make the book mildew. Therefore, always avoid radiators, vents, fireplaces, or water sources when storing books. So when storing old books, try to keep the temperature and humidity in the space constant. Also, make sure indoor air is well ventilated.

The ideal room for storing books should be kept between 60 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit, with humidity between 45 and 60 percent. To ensure that your books are stored in a cool, relatively dry, clean, and stable environment, we strongly recommend using a dehumidifier. ALORAIR, a company focused on solving moisture problems, knows old books are your valuable collection, don't let moisture ruin your investment or enjoyment. Let us take care of it with you.