Tips for reducing the condensation of double-pane windows

October 06,2021

During the winter, cold air can form a humidity film on the double-pane window. Extra condensation is not only unattractive but also can cause severe damage to the window and wall. In addition, moisture can help develop mold on curtains, furniture, and around the area. You can eliminate the condensation by reducing the humidity and leak air in the house.

High-quality packing and weatherstripping are essential for door and window insulation. Remove old and damaged gaps with a putty knife and strip off any worn weatherstripping. Fill all Windows where the window frame meets the wall and weatherstripping around the door frame and window frame. Also, fill in any holes or cracks in ceilings, walls, floors, and basements. It will effectively prevent air from entering and leaving the house. Cover all windows affected by condensation with plastic sheeting to reduce air leakage further and warm them up.

Increasing indoor air circulation is an excellent way to eliminate condensation. Open the curtains and remove any furniture blocking the Windows. Because these items shield warm indoor air, allowing moist indoor air to enter it while keeping the surface cool. It will make the condensation worse. Plus, it can lead to mold growth.

In addition, use a hygrometer to check the humidity in your home. The appropriate indoor humidity should be in the range of 30 to 40 percent. High humidity can cause condensation. However, low humidity can also cause problems, drying out the skin and nasal passages.

After checking the humidity in your home, reduce it if it is too high. Here are a few ways to reduce humidity. Turn on the kitchen fan after cooking, and turn on the bathroom fan after showering or taking a bath. Try to use an outdoor fan only, as fans leading to the attic can cause additional moisture problems. Also, cut back on washing machines and dishwashers, both of which increase air humidity.

In addition, choosing a suitable dehumidifier is a good choice. AlorAir is received consistently high praise by the industry and consumers, specializing in water damage repair and dehumidification, and is your best choice!