Tips for removing garage condensation

August 14,2021

Excess water in the garage from various sources can cause condensation problems in the garage. There will be trouble if the garage condensation problem can not address in time.

If you have trouble with condensation in your garage, read on.

According to the degree of condensation in different garages, we can solve it if there is slight condensation in the garage. However, Some severe condensing require installing complex condensing units, which we can leave to the professionals.

Garage condensation occurs when water in the air comes into contact with a cold surface and droplets accumulate. In addition, long-term condensation and moisture can cause damage to your garage. They can damage the foundation of a garage and cause tools, vehicles, and lockers to rust faster. In addition, condensation and moisture provide an ideal environment for mold growth.

Garage condensation problems mainly occur in hot and cold environments. Low temperatures in winter and high humidity in spring and early summer create a lot of moisture in the garage. Another cause of condensation is rain and melting snow. The lack of ventilation appliances in a cold garage can increase the humidity in the air. In addition, improper roof drainage resulting in a leaking garage can also cause condensation.

Several ways can help us control the condensation:

1.Control garage temperature. Using a heater to keep the garage temperature stable can controlled condensation.

2. Use a vapor barrier. Install wall shields or use insulation products with built-in shields and cover the floor with them.

3. Dry the wet car in time. When the vehicle is wet by rain or snow, should dry it immediately.

4. Check ventilation. Make sure the garage is well ventilated.

And the ventilation system needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure adequate airflow.

1.Check drainage. Checked the garage floor and roof drainage regularly to ensure that floor drain covers are not blocked, and eaves and downspouts are free of debris.

2.Paint the floor. Polyaspartic acid garage floor coating has a solid seal to protect the floor from water damage and effectively reduce garage condensation.

3.Eliminate garage clutter. Reducing old junk will expand the space airflow in the garage and reduce the condensation phenomenon.

4.Move the fridge or freezer in the garage. The unstable temperature in the garage will cause the refrigerator drip tray to fill up quickly. When the temperature rises, the outside of the freezer condenses and evaporates.

5.Install the dehumidifier. Placing a dehumidifier can effectively reduce condensation problems. In addition, ensure that the dehumidifier drains appropriately.

If you have any questions about garage condensation or dehumidifiers, please feel free to contact us!