Tips For The Fire Damage

November 04,2021

The first 24 hours after a fire is a prime time to repair your property and belongings, and the actions you take in the first place can affect your health and safety because the smoke and ash left behind by the fire are hazardous. Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death in fires. In addition, soot inhalation will seriously affect people's health. Therefore, cleaning and repair should also pay attention to the fire still existing after the danger during the fire damage.

When a fire breaks out, your priority is to get a qualified fire damage restoration specialist to assess the damage and take effective action as soon as possible. In addition, you can refer to the following tips.

1. Don't enter a building after a fire until you have the permission of the Fire Marshal.

2. Wear a mask when entering a building to prevent smoke fumes from lingering in the building after a fire.

3. A home with children and pets has too much residue in the building after a fire. Children and pets should be moved to another safe place immediately.

4. If the weather is good, open the window for ventilation.

5. Stay away from areas that may be unsafe after a fire, such as a carpet or furniture.

6. Please take photos of damage after a fire, or record it on video.

7. To prevent vandalism, inclement weather, and theft, hire a contractor to repair broken windows, doors, broken roofs, and other open areas.

8. Dispose of food left after the fire. Food that has been opened or contaminated in a fire should be thrown away immediately. And the food experienced high temperatures in the fire and needed to be dealt with immediately. After the fire, the dishware and utensils must be authenticated by experts before deciding whether they can be rescued or disposed of immediately. Please do not use them at will. In addition, empty your fridge and freezer and open doors to allow air to circulate.

9. List all damaged items and equip them for subsequent insurance claims.

10. Do not use any electronic products, including computers, televisions, etc., as electrical short circuits may lead to electric shock.

11. For insurance reimbursement, be sure to send receipts for any necessary, reimbursable temporary repairs to the insurance company. And wait for the insurance adjuster to find the damage before permanent replacement or repair.

12. Investing in a dehumidifier, when you find the fire causes the pipe to burst.

13. Installing an air scrubber helps eliminate smoke and dust left after a fire.