What Role Can Dehumidifier Play In Holiday Fire Prevention?

December 23,2021

Decorations lights are hanging up everywhere during Christmas. People decorate the house and Christmas tree, cook delicious food, and gather together to welcome the approaching New Year. However, Christmas is also the most common time for fires. The following tips can help you avoid fire damage to keep you a healthy and safe holiday.

1. Check the condition of the light.

First, purchase lights of guaranteed quality. Then, ensure your lights stay away from the broken sockets, don't use the worn or bare wires. And you need to make sure all the connections are well connected.

2. Use extension cords correctly

Be careful when using the extension cords because indoor extension cords may not suit extreme outdoor weather, or long-time explore outdoors. In addition, you should use the extension cord appropriately.

3. Watch out for the burning candles

Put the candle on the stable surface, remove all the material that may catch fire, and keep your eyes on the burning candle. In addition, make sure kids don't play with matches and lighters by keeping these materials out of reach. And do not place decorations near a fire source.

4. Purchase the fresh Christmas tree

Choose a live tree as your Christmas tree. Because fresh, living trees are less likely to cause fires than old, dry trees. In addition, you should place the Christmas tree far away from the fireplace. Water your tree daily. If you constant watering, it can keep trees fresher longer.

5. Recycle the wrapping paper

We may have many wrapping papers during the holiday season. Collect it instead of burning it, and paper is a good fuel. It catches fire easily and can make a fire burn quickly and intensely. Contact your local recycling company to recycle these papers or reuse them, you can give them to your children, and they will surprise you differently. Discarded paper can also become a work of art that carries the imagination.

6. Keep your home dry and fresh

Have you noticed that condensation appears on the windows and some electric appliances years around, which means the humidity in your home may be high? High humidity results in mold growth and moisture in the circuit increase resistance, and it can make the device not function well and lead to failure, sometimes even complete system failure or fire. AlorAir Storm DP Single-Voltage Dehumidifier with APP control has a capacity of 110 PPD Saturation/50 PPD AHAM, condensate pump drainage, and suitable for crawl space, basement, garage, and job site. More importantly, it can inhibit mold growth and reduce the allergens produced. In addition, the dry environment can reduce the possibility that electrical appliances may catch fire due to moisture.

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