Who is Responsible for Your House Fire Damage?

August 24,2020

Sometimes it is not easy to determine who is responsible for given fire damage at your home. A fire may start at your neighbor’s house and spread to your compound. It may seem obvious that your neighbor is responsible for the house fire damage, but alas! The insurance says no.

Natural Causes and Spontaneous Fires

If the fire at your neighbor’s place was started by anything other than your neighbor’s negligence or mistake; if it is sparked off by events such as fireworks that go wayward; or lightning, or a wildfire flame, your neighbor will usually not be expected to carry the burden. A Lot of people think that just because the fire that destroyed your property started at your neighbor’s house, your neighbor will necessarily carry the blame and pay for the damages. Well, insurance companies have exceptions to what they can pay for. Moreover, the general insurance rule is that it covers damages resulting from fire occurring at the principal’s property but not the neighbor’s. In other words, the insurance company pays for damages that the owner of the insurance cover caused. If the neighbor was negligent including failing to attend to a grill that sparks off a fire, then such a neighbor is liable through their insurance company. Therefore you do not have to jump to conclusions to think that because the fire started at your neighbor’s place, then such a neighbor is responsible.

Fire Damage Legal Responsibility

Fire damage legal responsibility means that the party that has been insured is liable for any damage to the rental property resulting from a fire. Since the rider allocates responsibility, there must be a proper investigation that will determine whether the owner of the insurance cover is truly responsible for the fire that has caused the damage.

Business Cover

Fire damage legal liability is used in commercial settings and industrial spaces. It also covers the tools and equipment that the owner of the business rents out for commercial purposes. It applies to commercial and industrial space that the owner of the business leases to clients. Such coverage extends to rented garages and other property, so long as such property is under the name of the insurance coverage holder.

Accident Cover

It is a good idea to always be prepared for unfortunate eventualities. Take an accident cover to protect you against fire damage, even the one that starts from outside your premises. You never know for sure whether it is your neighbor to blame. The only entity you can count on to pay for your fire damage is your insurance company.

Get fire damage restoration service

A quick response is essential. If it can be resolved quickly, most of the damage to your house and property caused by fire, water, and smoke can be repaired. However, if it is not inspected, items can change from being washable to non-recyclable in just a few days. AlorAir provides equipment such as dehumidifiers for drying and air scrubbers to remove smoke. Consider using one of them to help reduce property damage.


The bottom-line of this piece is that you should not look to someone else to cater to your fire damage fixes. In other words, everyone must make an effort to purchase insurance coverage. Compensation of damages is usually a result of thorough investigation and the facts are subjected to many policy and legal scales. Make sure that you take an insurance cover that caters to you when accidents such as a fire happen.