Why is a Dehumidifier Needed After Fire Damage? The Truth is Here

November 26,2020

The fire is one of the greatest disasters in the United States. However, although some fires are completely lost, not all fires are the same. Sometimes, the scale of the fire is small, which will cause some structural damage. In these cases, the items in the house can usually be rescued. A dehumidifier is one of the equipment that needs to be used after a fire, but many people do not understand why a dehumidifier is needed after a fire?

Continue reading this article to learn why you need to use a dehumidifier after the fire is extinguished.

First of all, you need to know a fact, what is a dehumidifier? A dehumidifier is a common household appliance used to improve indoor air quality by removing excessive moisture/humidity in the air. After a home fire, the most common use is to use water to extinguish the fire. Few homes are equipped with fire extinguishers, so if the fire is discovered in time and is small in scale, people tend to collect water to put out the fire.

Most house fires occur in the kitchen. Even if the fire is small and confined to a room, smoke and soot are likely to spread throughout the home, affecting walls, carpets, furniture, appliances and other household items. Furniture is particularly susceptible to fire damage-furniture is usually made of wood and interior materials, which are very flammable and very porous (so they can easily absorb smoke, dust, and smoke). Therefore, saving time is the key to saving furniture-soot and smoke will start to seep into wood and interior decoration within a few minutes, so after a disaster occurs and extinguished with water, you need to clean the furniture immediately.

Depending on the degree of damage, your furniture may or may not be saved. However, if it is not severely burned, but just covered in soot and smells like smoke, then you have a chance of success, as long as you know what to do.

After a fire, safety is your top priority. Please make sure that the fire has been completely extinguished. After the fire is extinguished, smoke and smoke will float in the indoor air. Soot is the product of incomplete combustion (PIC). These are carcinogens and very dangerous. When cleaning up smoke/soot, be sure to wear a respirator, such as N-95. The use of gloves and other protective clothing can also prevent smoke exposure. Ventilation is the key to bringing pollutants outside. Open doors and windows to increase ventilation and remove residual smoke (if some rooms in your home are not affected by the fire, keep the doors closed to prevent soot and smoke from spreading to these areas). Bring household items and personal items that were not damaged by the fire to a safe and clean place. Discard severely damaged items that cannot be saved. Use Alorair fans and Alorair dehumidifiers to speed up the process for dry and damp household materials and items (soaked with water used to extinguish fires).

In the final analysis, the reason to use a dehumidifier after a fire is to be able to dry the fired items that were extinguished by water. And another advantage of using a dehumidifier is that it can remove smoke and dust particles floating in the entire house to prevent air pollution. The dehumidifier is equipped with air filters, these filters can filter dust and smoke very well, the smoke will be eliminated, and the indoor air quality will be improved.