You Need An Air Scrubber This Holiday Season

December 23,2021

Christmas comes to the corner. People enjoy the time with family and friends during the holiday. Usually, people will spend more time indoors, which increases the potential risk of air pollution. When people stay In a relatively sealed, well-insulated, and relatively small space, which results in lousy air circulation, the fresh air can not come in. It can create allergens, viral and bacterial, cause people sick, and trigger allergies and respiratory problems.

1. Allergies

people are prone to allergic in winter. The closed windows and doors can trap the polluted air in the house, and if you have a pet in the home, the pet dander and some holiday artificial aromatherapy can also worsen the air quality. If you are hosting, you can do the following things to create a healthy environment for gathering soon. First, use the HEPA filter vacuum to clean the house. Second, clean the pillows, beds, and mattresses. Running the air purifier with UV-C light and HEPA filter.

2. Christmas feast and Christmas tree

If you're in charge of the Christmas feast, you must know that amount of particulates, gases, chemicals, and odors can create and spread to the atmosphere while you're cooking and cleaning. Instead of using chemical or artificial detergent or aerosol, you can choose eco-friendly products or use baking soda as the cleanser. As far as possible, not to buy irritants and flammable items. And do some healthy food, try not to do will cause a lot of cooking fumes food, keep good ventilation while cooking.

In addition, tightly tied Christmas trees can collect moisture and lead to mold growth. The mold spore may be in the air inhaled by people, triggering the allergy. And if you want to place the tree in the house, please prepare the medicine in advance, and put the tree in the relatively cold area. As we all know, mold likes a warm and humid place. And use your air purifier to capture the allergens.

3. Play sparkler in the house

Sparkler sparkles in the room, spreading so much cheer. However, sparklers are harmful to indoor air quality. When the sparkler combusts, it can release ultrafine particles and VOC, which are harmful to your lung. To protect your lung from contaminant particles, do not play the sparkler at home. And close the doors and windows when fireworks are going off outside. In addition, run your air purifier to purify the indoor air quality.

4. Burning fireplaces

Sitting around a burning fireplace chatting is a classic image of Christmas. The burning fireplace can keep out the cold of winter nights, especially for someplace that doesn't have indoor heating. But the burning firework can emit particle pollution, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, VOCs, carbon dioxide, and methane. It directly affects the air quality and causes climate change. More importantly, it has a bad impact on people's health. There are some tips for improving the air quality caused by the burning fireplace. a. Using HEPA filter in the fireplace and don't turn on the air purifier when the fireplace is burning. b. If possible, use a renewable heating source instead of wood. c. Enhance the Christmas spirit by decorating your home instead of burning a fireplace, like playing Christmas music and watching Christmas movies.

5. Airborne virus

Facing the COVID-19any gathering has an infection risk. In addition, some other infections can spread during these seasons, such as cold, flu, measles, tuberculosis. The typical air purifier can't handle these viruses.  

We recommend the PureAiro HEPA Pro 970 air scrubber. An air scrubber is an aggressive air purifier, and the airflow is up to 750 CFM. The PureAiro HEPA Pro 970 features UV-C light technology, and it works with a highly effective 3 Stage Filtration System, Pre Filter, HEPA/Activated Carbon Filter. The unit can capture pollutants to ensure the whole room benefits from purified air. But basic prevention measures you still should be done, like wear mask, keep a social distance. But basic prevention measures you should still do, like wearing masks and maintaining a social distance. In addition, using video gathering is also an excellent way to celebrate the new year.

We are wishing you all the best in this coming holiday season.