Choosing the

Right Dehumidifier

Let us help you find the right dehumidifier for you!

Which Restoration Dehumidifier is Best for You?

Let us tackle the different types of dehumidifiers in the market to help you choose what is right for you.

Choosing the right Dehumidifier

What Should You Use?

When it comes to water damage restoration jobs, a dehumidifier plays a major role. Whether it is a flash flood, hurricane, heavy rain, or even a water main break, it should be an immediate action to perform an effective drying/restoration process; this would only be possible by the use of a professional grade dehumidifier.

Depending on the scope of damage, you will need to choose a dehumidifier that is appropriate to finish the job efficiently and effectively. It is important not to delay such actions to prevent long term damage to your space and belongings.

Luckily, at AlorAir, our different types of dehumidifiers, from conventional to LGR to SLGR, are readily available for any scope of restoration project you might be facing. We assure you of their durability and high performance.

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What are Your Options?

Here are the three types of dehumidifiers that our company offers:

Conventional Dehumidifiers

Conventional Dehumidifiers are considered to be effective for drying water damage remediation projects. It has similar features as the LGR and can be easily transported from one area to another with its ergonomically compact design. They draw moisture-laden air across a set of super cooled coils. As the air passes over, its temperature drops below dew point which leads to water condensation where extracted moisture drips down and is collected to be drained. Simultaneously, the dry air is reheated and exhausted back to the room. They yield a reliable amount of efficiency decent to effectively dehumidify smaller areas, and are less expensive than LGR and SLGR dehumidifiers.

LGR Dehumidifiers

Our LGR dehumidifiers are proven and certified with the best durability and performance.

According to IICRC S500-2006, LGR Dehumidifiers are equipped with an enhanced refrigeration system that can pull the grains down much lower and are more energy efficient. Their unique ability allows them to better remove moisture in an environment than conventional dehumidifiers, specifically removing moisture below 34GPP. This can be done with less electricity consumed and would continue to work at a lower humidity (80°F/20%).

SLGR Dehumidifiers

These are the newest and most advanced type of dehumidifiers you can find in the market. It is essentially an enhanced and upgraded LGR dehumidifier. With the powerful combination of our Microchannel Alu Condenser and SLGR technology, it produces the utmost dehumidification even in low humidity environments. Among the three types, if your needs are superlative, this dehumidifier will be your best bet.

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Are they Effective?

With the team of experts we have in AlorAir, it is with no doubt that we affirm the effectivity of our products. It has been proven and is still being honed as we continue to invest in Research & Development to continuously provide our customers with the latest technology this market has to offer.

Whether your need is residential or commercial, the variety of products that we have will surely have you picking the best choice for your space. Remember that even though we support large-scale restoration projects, it is also important to take measures in preventing space damage brought by high humidity, mold, and hazardous compounds in your home.

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Heavy-Duty Condensate Pump

Our dehumidifiers are equipped with a robust condensate pump that eliminates common issues of other devices available in the market. With our ergonomic design, installation and maintenance has never been easier. They also have a capability of around 14.7ft. lifting distance which allows our solid condensate pump to drain more efficiently, thus making it highly reliable and competitive in the market.

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What Type of Dehumidifier is Best for Your Scope of Work?

If you are looking for a residential dehumidifier, your best bet would be our line of conventional dehumidifiers. They get the job done precisely every day without you having to worry about drainage problems, short cycling, or too much energy consumption. We always consider our products to be your partner in making your daily routine easier, and our products do an excellent job in providing you with such assistance. But apart from residential purposes, our conventional dehumidifiers are also perfect for small-scale projects in different indoor commercial settings. So, if you are on the lookout for a device that could keep your space dry and safe from mold and bacterial growth, our conventional dehumidifiers are suitable for you.

On the other hand, if you are facing a larger restoration project, depending on the scope of damage, you will definitely need a dehumidifier from our LGR or SLGR series. These units can take up a harder and wider range of restoration than a conventional dehumidifier. They are extremely heavy-duty and mobile which can be used in extreme conditions where a huge amount of moisture in the air should be extracted. Take a look at our products below to see what is suitable for your restoration needs at home or in your work area:

Understanding the AHAM and Saturation Levels

In purchasing a dehumidifier, one must be knowledgeable about the difference and importance of AHAM and saturation levels. Saturation is measured at 90°F and 80% humidity. On the other hand, the AHAM’s (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) rating is at 80°F and 60% humidity. These figures should always be observed as they depict how a unit should perform in an average environment.

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Dehumidifier

5-Year Warranty

Despite taking pride on our products’ high performance and durability, we continue to extend our support through our 5-year warranty and continuous after-sales service. This ensures our customers that we remain loyal from the time their first purchase is made. Our website contains thorough information regarding our warranty policies and contact details to easily reach our support team.

AlorAir’s SLGR Technology

This is a sole asset of AlorAir. We take pride in producing dehumidifiers with this cutting-edge technology putting us in the lead in the market. No matter how hard a restoration project is, you are certain to finish the job using our line of SLGR dehumidifiers.

AlorAir’s Waterproof Circuit Board

You need not worry of accidentally ruining your device because of water seepage. Our waterproof design uses a rubber strip that completely seals the circuit board. This makes our dehumidifiers sturdy, especially in large-scale restorations where water saturation is high. You may watch our videos for a better understanding.

HGV (Hot Gas Valve) Defrosting System

This system offers an efficient defrosting process that allows the dehumidifier to work at a low temperature of about 36°F. Users will not be bothered by periodic stoppage as how others in the market are issued with. This does not only save energy, but also extends the lifespan of the device.

High COP for Guaranteed Energy Saving

Our dehumidifiers are equipped to remove moisture 2-3 times more per kilowatt than others available in the market. You are guaranteed of the best value for money as you continue to save energy consumption the more you use our dehumidifiers, which are also set to serve you for 10 years.

Bypass Air Design

Our products have a humidity sensor that helps eliminate short-cycling. As technologically designed, the durability of our sensor is set to serve its purpose of turning off the device once the humidity is lower than the set point, and automatically turn it back on once the humidity becomes higher than the set point. This accuracy protects the lifespan of the product’s internal components, hindering harmful effects of a defective system.

Heavy-Duty Condensate Pump

Most pumps in the market face a range of problems such as overheating, rusting, and detection failure. Fortunately, our condensate pumps are proven to be durable and are equipped with a 14.7ft. lifting distance which allows efficient draining. They are also ergonomically designed for easier installation and maintenance.

Easy Access to Internal Components

Our dehumidifiers are specifically designed to provide easy access on their internal components. For instance, our Storm series uses a clamshell cover while our Sentinel series uses access panels. Our pumps also come with quick connect cables that allow removal without having to access the control board.

Excellent Main Board Performance

The performance of any dehumidifier relies heavily on its motherboard. That is why in AlorAir, we take extra precaution in making sure that our circuit boards are absolutely protected and coated. This ensures that they are safe from tampering and magnetization. They have also undergone a thorough quality assurance and testing before being available for purchase.

Have Any Questions?

If you are still in need of further assistance in making the right choice of dehumidifier for your needs, do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at Our team is more than happy to accommodate your inquiry and provide you with an essential aid in making your decision.