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Choosing the

right Dehumidifier

Help you choose the best Restoration and commercial dehumidifier

How to Choose a Restoration dehumidifier?

Help you choose the best Restoration and commercial dehumidifier for your job.

Choosing a Restoration Dehumidifier.

The chart shows the features to help you choose a dehumidifier

• Convectional Dehumidifier (Relative LGR) Vs SLGR and LGR dehumidifier

• Application of SLGR dehumidifier

• Application of SLGR Dehumidifier

Identification of saturation and AHAM

Choosing the right Dehumidifier

Choosing the right


As an essential part, Dehumidifiers plays an important role in water damage restoration jobs. Whether it is a flash flood, hurricane, heavy rain or water main break, it is especially important to offer the balanced drying system needed to safely and effectively perform a water restoration job on a property.

ALORAIR Solutions offers two versions of Water damage restoration dehumidifiers

l Conventional dehumidifiers (Relative LGR)

l Super Low grain refrigerant dehumidifier, Super LGR dehumidifier, allow us to explain what made this LGR super as SLGR!.

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Convectional Dehumidifier

(Relative LGR)

AlorAiar conventional dehumidifier are also referred to as Relative LGR just because they work well in low grain refrigerant where the normal convectional may not give the expected results. For instance ALORAIR Storm elite removes 35.5 PPD at about 60%RH 50℉/ and the GPP is 32. ALORAIR has a world class manufacturing capability and an R&D facilities that is dedicated. The Relative LRG (Conventional dehumidifiers) is designed for remediation projects following a water damage. They are light weighted and can be transported and moved from one place to another. They can easily be unloaded and loaded from a vehicle. Note that Conventional Relative LGR is not as powerful as ALORAIR SLGR dehumidifier and it is not efficient in drying air and removing moisture. However, the conventional dehumidifier is less expensive compared to the SLGR but is more powerful than the conventional dehumidifier you will get out there.

However, it can:

1.Be disassembled in just 10 seconds, services and cleaned

2.It is ideal for most applications

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AlorAir Conventional

(Relateive LGR) Dehumidifiers

Alorair is committed to making your living spaces comfortable. To achieve this goal, the water damage experts offer conventional Dehumidifier (Relative LGR). As a worldwide supplier of flood restoration drying Equipment Company, we offer a variety of dehumidifiers to remove water and assist with drying areas after water damage. We also provide commercial restoration services, remove Damp, Mould, Rot and Moisture. We also carry out flood & Restoration remediation, Carpet Cleaning, Basements / Cellars drying, Laundries, etc.

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Heavy Duty Condensate Pump

Pump With a 14.7’ lifting distance, the condensate pump gives you the freedom to drain anywhere.

The unit can be disassembled in 10 seconds when some internal service requested, like Internal Cleaning, Pump Service.

The Conventional (Relative LGR) dehumidifiers are almost great in all applications.

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Application of Conventional Dehumidifier

LGR comes with an advanced refrigeration system that allows the dehumidifier to dry and absorb more humidity than the conventional dehumidifier. It can remove moisture up to below 34GPP. It also removes more water and consumes less electricity. LRG is defined by IICRC S500 2006 as an advanced refrigeration system whose job is to allow the dehumidifier to dry with excess humidity better than what conventional dehumidifier can do. LGR can remove moisture below 34GPP and removes excess water with less electricity and will continue to dry at a lower humidity of 50F/60%, which other conventional dehumidifier may not be capable of achieving.

The Convectional (Relative LGR) can be applied in many areas and are ideal if you want to remove damp, rot, mold and moisture after flood damage. It can also be used to clean the carpet, basement, drying furniture, laboratories, Garage, Tradesmen, De-Flooding and can be relied on to keep dry and refrain bacterial growth.

The convectional dehumidifier can be used in industrial and commercial buildings. It is more powerful and when combined with ALORAIR’s Air scrubber and Air Movers, it can do a good job. You can buy packages that combine all of them at greatly discounted prices.

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Super LGR Dehumidifier

SLGR refers to super low- grain refrigerant. It is manufactured using the ALORAIR SLGR technology that relies on air-to-air heat exchange system. The system brings air closer to the dew point temperature after which it is allowed to move over the cooled evaporator coils. It also combines Microchannel Alu Condenser that maximizes efficiency and capacity. It results in more condensation that is formed on the coils inside machines for fastest and heat interchange. This results in more moisture being pumped out and thus, less moisture is therefore allowed to return to the room. Note that the ALORAIR SLGR is designe d for low humidity conditions. The SLGR dehumidifier is all you need when faced with a challenge of water damage restoration job since it helps achieve maximum results.

SLGR is an important component in your suite tool. It operates properly in humid and warm conditions. It can also be used in dry conditions of more than 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The equipment is rugged but is quite mobile and operate well in extreme conditions where it can be used to extract large amounts of moisture in the air. It performs well and can be deployed to perform a wide range of tasks in both high and low humidity temperatures.

If you are a water damage restoration expert, you need professional grade equipment to help you handle even the toughest jobs and it will help you deliver an excellent job to your clients. Notice that SLGR dehumidifier is an important and a must have tool if you want to succeed in your restoration endeavors.

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The Identification of AHAM and Saturation

First, we must try to understand the difference between saturation and AHAM. Saturation is measured at 90% degrees Fahrenheit and 90% humidity. So it is important that people should learn how they work in both extremely wet and hot applications. AHAM on the other hand refersto Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. AHAM rating of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 60% humidity is a true picture of how the equipment should perform when used in an average environment.

Important things that you must know before placing your order.

Free unit dispatch and 5 year warranty

At ALORAIR, quality products and excellent after sales service is our mission. Our ALORAIR equipment are designed for your full utilization. We guarantee that it will serve you for a longer period of time and still maintain its original form and shape. With our product, you will be 100% satisfied since they come with a 5 years warranty and excellent after sale-services. If the unit does not deliver on its promises and it is ascertained that it cannot be fixed, we arrange the pickup of another unit and ship it with the same years of warranty that commences the date the replacement took place.

Alorair SLGR technology

The ALORAIR SLGR, has been built using the SLGR microchannel technology, which has improved on the equipment’s performance and efficiency. It utilizes the air-to air heat exchange system that brings the air close to the dew point temperature. The air is then passed over the cold evaporator coils. It features microchannel Alu Condenser which helps it to maximize on efficiency and capacity. It increases efficiency by about 30-50%. It leads to a more condensation which forms on the coils found inside machine. The heat interchange is fast and results in more moisture being pumped out meaning that less moisture air is pumped back into the room. The ALORAIR SGL dehumidifier is efficient and is the most ideal equipment for Low Grain Refrigeration situation.

Alorair Water Proof Circuit Board

ALORAIR unit has waterproof PCB cover and can be dipped into water without worrying since it is designed with a rubber strip that completely seals the circuit board. This great feature makes it an excellent tool for cleaning, water removal and restoration work. It can be used even in areas where water saturation is high. Watch our video for more details.

Hot Gas Valve Defrosting System

It is abbreviated as HGV and is an efficient defrosting process that allows the dehumidifier to work at temperatures that are as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit work efficiently and continuously without experiencing stoppages that are common in other machines during the defrosting process. It does not only save energy but it makes the unit to last longer.

High COP Is an Energy Saver

The ALORAIR is fitted with large coils with fin meaning that it has the capability of removing 2-3 times more moisture per kilowatt than any other dehumidifier. The efficiency of the dehumidifier allows it to save up to $250 worth of energy per year. It comes with a 5 year warranty and is designed to serve you for 10 years.

Bypass Air Design

The ALORAIR dehumidifier is uniquely designed and features a humidity sensor in its bypass air, a thing that removes short cycling. It can be used in sealed dehumidification situations like in the basement and crawlspace. Even when the set humidity point is satisfied, the dehumidifier stops. This is not like most of the other dehumidifiers in the market which will receive the wrong signals to start immediately it turns off. The dehumidifier comes with a humidity sensor which is affected by wet resources and heat from other internal parts like the evaporator and compressor. It makes the dehumidifier to turn on and off severally until it stops working in less than a year down the line.

Epoxy Powder Coating on Coils

ALORAIR uses epoxy coated coils to avoid leakage and fatal flaw of the dehumidifier. This is one of the most innovative features meant to help extend the life of the coil. It does this by protecting it against corrosive environments and maintains the coil’s heat transferability. It features a highly efficient rotary compressor which ensures that it is effective at the lowest cost.

Heavy duty Condensate Pumps

Most pumps have problems ranging from overheating to rusting to detection failure. The good thing is that at ALORAIR, come with a designed pump that is more durable and comes with a 20’lifting distance that gives the user the freedom to drain from anywhere. It has cables that have plugs, which makes installation and maintenance easy and fast.

Access To Internal Components

ALORAIR dehumidifiers allow foe easier access to their internal components. The storm series is covered with a clamshell cover while its sister the Sentinel series uses access panels. The pump comes with quick connecting cables and so you can remove them without even accessing the control board.

Excellent Main Board Performance

The performance of a dehumidifier relies heavily on its motherboard; which is why all the ALORAIR circuit boards are coated. It helps to protect the board and make them tamperproof and increase its resistance to magnetization. All the parts of ALORAIR dehumidifier boards have been subjected to 100% testing.

Coil Epoxy Coating System

Ensure an Extended Lifespan

Time for You to Ask Questions

If you are not sure of what is the best for you, you have a right to ask questions. We are aware that choosing a dehumidifier can be difficult and you may need help. You can write to us via sales@ALORAIR.com. Our sales team will respond fast to help you choose a product that can give you service.