AlorAir®Aluminum foil Intake Duct 10 inches Diameter 10 ft Long with Duct Clamps, Return Duct Collar Assembly for Sentinel HDi100/HDi120 Dehumidifier

Model : 10" inlet Duct
$79.01 List Price: $99.00

Compatible with: Sentinel HDi100/HDi120

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Product Overview

AlorAir 10" Aluminum Foil inlet Duct for Dehumidifier

Flexible ventilation ducting made from high-quality flame-retardant aluminum and built-in corrosion-resistant wire helix for reinforcement and lasting performance.

· Easy to store as duct retracts back to a compact size.
· Semi-rigid ducting with spring steel wire helix can prevent collapsing.
· Easy to connect with other ducting by using the clamps.

Diameter: 10 in 
Length: 10 ft

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