AlorAir® 3-Pack MERV-10 Filter for Whole House Dehumidifier Sentinel HDi100, HDi120

Model : MERV-10 Filter 3pack
$79.90 List Price: $100.00

Compatible with: dehumidifier Sentinel HDi100, HDi120

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Product Overview

AlorAir 3-Pack MERV-10 Filter for Dehumidifier
AlorAir 3-Pack MERV-10 filter for dehumidifier Sentinel HDi100, Sentinel HDi120, the MERV-10 rating can filter down to 3.0-10.0 micron particle size 85%.

· Prevent particles in the air from entering the inside of the unit.
· Regular replacement of filters can make the compressor run more efficiently.
· MERV-10 filter: Replace as necessary-we recommend changing every 2-3 months.

· Dimension: 13.8×14×0.3 in
· Weight: 0.1 lbs/pc

Changing the filters
· Replace as necessary - we recommend changing every 2-3 months.
· Simply slide the filter into the air filter return of your unit in the direction indicated by the arrow.

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