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AlorAir® Sentinel HDi90 Duct-able Version Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers 198PPD (Saturation) 90 Pints (AHAM), Condensate Pump, Automatic Defrosting, Epoxy Coating, Remote Control (Optional)

Model : Sentinel HDi90

4.9 Average

$998.00 List Price: $1,550.00

Sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier is designed specifically for crawl spaces and basements. Low noise level, great COP,2.88/kwh, and huge capacity 90PPD at AHAM condition.
Draining Mode: Condensate Pump

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Crawlspaces or basements tend to have increased humidity levels. This is mainly because these spaces are either partially or completely underground. Once the moist air comes into these spaces, the moisture condenses on the walls or floor. This causes increased dampness.

Increased dampness creates the perfect environment for increased dust mites and the growth of mold and mildew. According to the American lung association, these are known allergens that can cause respiratory problems and asthma.

Key features

  • Quiet operation.
  • Energy-efficient - Super COP Energy Star Listed 2.69L/Kwh.
  • Compatible with Remote Control.  (Notice: sold separately).
  • Ducting options.
  • Automatic Defrosting System.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Engineered for low-temperature operation.
  • Coated Coils with Stainless Side Plate.


The sentinel HDi90 is horizontally configured, built with an advanced airflow design that makes this unit the best choice for dehumidification in tight spaces with airflow issues.

The sentinel HDi90 is uniquely built to be deployed in:

  • Residential spaces.
  • Restoration jobs.
  • Shop.
  • Storage facilities.
  • Garages.
  • Laboratories.
  • Offices
  • Crawlspaces.
  • Basements.

Capable of maintaining humidity levels controlled in any space below 2,600 sq. Ft.

All-purpose use

Capacity. - The sentinel HDi90 is able to remove:

  • 90 pint of water per day(115V(80ºF-60%)

 This is impressive especially because of its small size and low energy consumption.

Performance. – The sentinel HDi90 combines a number of features to effectively lower the humidity levels. These features include:

  • Continuous Pump drainage - sentinel HDi90 is equipped with a condensate pump that is able to pump the collected water out of the unit via a pipe. This water can be pump at a distance of over 5 meters.
  • Durably built - The sentinel HDi90 has a corrosion protection layer that protects the unit from the corrosive environment in which it will be deployed.
  • Air filtration - The sentinel HDi90 has a washable filter that traps mold spores and other air impurities to improve the indoor air quality.
  • Silent operation - The sentinel HDi90 produces a low noise levels while operational hence will not affect your comfort levels.
  • Defrosting system - The sentinel HDi90 has a hot gas valve defrosting system that increases the efficiency of the dehumidifier, especially in low temperatures.
  • Easy installation and set-up - The sentinel HDi90 allow a variety of installation option, all of which are easy and don’t require you to hire a technician. This is a plug and plays appliance with no technical knowledge needed.
  • Duct options – A duct can be added to the sentinel HDi90 to provide focused dehumidification or allow you to dehumidify space where the dehumidifier can fit or you can use the duct to connect the sentinel HDi90 to the existing HVAC system for whole-house dehumidification.
  • Remote control - The sentinel HDi90 allows you to remotely adjust the dehumidifier setting remotely. This makes it convenient to operate a dehumidifier in a tight space. (Sold separately)

Warranty – The sentinel HDi90 has an extended 5 years warranty. At Alorair we have designed and built the sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier to exceed the customer quality expectations. All sentinel HDi90 units are thoroughly tested and proven to be fully functional.

Support – All Alorair customers get to enjoy 24/7 user support via email, phone or live chat. We are dedicated to helping all our customers with any challenges they may face while operating the sentinel HDi90.

The sentinel HDi90 has lots of unique features that all combine to efficiently and effectively control the humidity levels! invest in the sentinel HDi90 today!

Power 115V/60HZ
Current 5.56A(115v/60Hz)
COP 2.69L/Kwh(115v/60Hz)
Size For Up to 2,600 sq.ft.
Filter Clean Air Filter,HEPA,MERV-8
Air flow 210 CFM,350 CMH
Sound Pressure Level <58DBA
Refrigerant R410A
Feet Adjustable Feet
Draining Condensate Pump
Defrosting Control System Automatic Defrosting
Functioning Temperature Range 33~104℉
Functioning Humidity Range 35~90%
Capacity115V(80ºF-60%) 90Pints
Weight 85.0Ibs
Dim(LxWxH) 23.2x15.2x17.7in
Loading quantity 20”:180Sets/40”:412Sets/40”HQ :515Sets

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Rest assured to buy excellent performance
By 'Suman Patrick ', Reviewed on 2020-11-30 10:59:03
The dehumidifier worked for about 2 weeks. It runs quietly and draws a lot of water from the air. This unit is in the basement of my house. My troubles before installing the unit in my basement are now gone. In the past 7 years, I have traversed 3 different brands of products, all of which are noisy. Now, I have connected the drain hose to the equipment and drained it directly into the sewage pump in my house. So far, I am very satisfied with the performance of this machine. If you need a dehumidifier, I suggest you rest assured to buy this machine.
So far so good
By 'Skylah Preston ', Reviewed on 2020-11-23 13:57:33
First-class dehumidifier-compact and quiet. The electronic controls are easy to use, you can set the desired relative humidity with the push of a button. Since using this product, my house feels and smells much better. Time will tell whether the device is reliable.
Absorb a lot of water!
By 'Donnell Villa ', Reviewed on 2020-11-16 10:42:49
I use it in the underground garage. The humidity there is too bad, the walls will drip and get wet, my tools are rusty, and the floor is wet. This dehumidifier pumps a lot of water from the air, and my garage now maintains a relative humidity between 40% and 50%. It helped me a lot and I recommend this product.
I like this dehumidifier very much
By 'Levi Sparrow ', Reviewed on 2020-11-09 11:22:05
We bought this dehumidifier and our previous one (not an Alorair product) has died. Time is up. In the few days after arriving, we experienced a real heavy rain. The setup is very simple and straightforward. The product description is very clear, but what impresses me more is that the dehumidifier is quieter than our previous equipment. Our basement has dried out a lot. I am glad we bought it. I would recommend it to others.
Just what I need!
By 'Inaya Browne ', Reviewed on 2020-11-02 10:51:23
Great! We added our own drain pipe to the house and put the accompanying pipe in the pipe. Before adding the pipe to the pipe, we have to empty the water tank 2-3 times a day. It can keep the humidity of the house at the level we want (even if we are located in a very humid place in Georgia), and it can work even when using pipe fittings when going out. Absolutely love it!
Perfectly meet our needs!
By 'Ivie Hobbs ', Reviewed on 2020-10-26 11:04:46
This dehumidifier is really easy to use. We use it in a 2,300 square foot basement. It does a great job. We have been running this machine almost all the time and it has not caused us any problems. You can also set the relative humidity to maintain the area. When the humidity exceeds the set point, the machine will automatically turn on, and then when the proper indoor humidity is reached, the machine will turn off. In general, we are very satisfied with the product.
Works perfect in the basement!
By 'Sadiyah Gibbs ', Reviewed on 2020-10-19 10:35:32
The Sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier is a great addition to our lower-story houses. Our playroom is usually too humid to enjoy. This dehumidifier is very effective. It easily collects water. I like that it also filters the air in the area, making it smell better and feel fresher. I am very satisfied with the efficient work it does in our home.
The effect is very good, just like the detailed description of the product
By 'Jocelyn Munro ', Reviewed on 2020-10-15 11:02:33
I recently moved from Arizona to Michigan, from a major arid state to a very humid state. Even in all humid environments, this machine does a great job! This is a simple setup, and it runs frantically. So far, we have stayed for a week, and the water it collects surprised us! It works powerfully and effectively.
Good dehumidifier!
By 'Sheila Field ', Reviewed on 2020-10-12 09:20:13
I am very happy to buy this dehumidifier. It really absorbs a lot of water. After a few days of use, we opened it for several hours a day to reduce the humidity in the basement to a comfortable level. It is large enough to accommodate the basement. The design on the control panel is very good and it is very convenient to use. It is very easy to clean the filter, but before reinstalling, make sure the filter is completely dry. In humid weather, this machine can also effectively reduce indoor humidity. Very good product, love it!
Great equipment
By 'Areeba Ruiz ', Reviewed on 2020-10-05 09:39:25
I live in a rainy city, the basement has a problem with the humidity, it will produce a peculiar smell, and it is impossible to store some items that require a dry environment, so I started to use it and it worked well. It is easy to install and set up. It is not noisy, and the drainage function is great. I purchased its optional duct to ensure that the items we store in the basement will not become moldy due to high humidity. Satisfied with my purchase!


Questions & Answers
What is the warranty period of the dehumidifier?

Elysia on 2020-12-01 11:25:07

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
5-year warranty.
What is the capacity of this dehumidifier?

Ayman on 2020-11-24 13:29:54

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
The capacity is 90PPD at AHAM condition.
What is the COP of the dehumidifier?

Barney on 2020-11-17 10:20:24

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Less than 58DBA.
Does the dehumidifier produce noise?

Roza on 2020-11-03 13:11:18

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
No, it runs quietly.

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Yes, it is equipped with a condensate pump.
What is the weight of this device?

Manisha on 2020-10-20 10:29:46

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Does the dehumidifier automatically defrost?

Dione on 2020-10-13 16:44:56

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
Is the dehumidifier equipped with a filter?

Skylar on 2020-10-06 14:00:22

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
What is the size of this dehumidifier?

Keeva on 2020-09-23 11:01:08

1 Answer

Answered by Alorair
23.2 inches long x 15.2 inches wide x 17.7 inches high.