Pre-cooling Circuit Technology

Auxiliary Flow Path: The auxiliary expansion device receives the refrigerant liquid from the condenser and expands it to lower both the temperature and the pressure of the refrigerant liquid. The cold liquid refrigerant then passes through the sub-cooler and evaporates it to a cold gas.

External Circulation Principle: The humid air reaches the state of saturated steam after passing through the microchannel pre-cooler. The evaporator then cools the air to below dew point turning the water vapor into liquid, therefore, dehumidifying the air. The dehumidified air then passes through the condenser to be heated before being discharged.

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Storm SLGR 1600X

Storm SLGR 850X

Sentinel SLGR 1400X

AlorAir Storm SLGR 850X

AlorAir Storm SLGR 1250X

Alorair Sentinel SLGR 1400X

SLGR Black Box:

New Technology Super Low-Grain Refrigerant Microchannel

How Does it Work?

This new found technology is set to increase dehumidification into another level of performance that sets our devices apart from all others available in the market. The AlorAir SLGR technology uses a special air-to-air heat exchanger system that accelerates the process of bringing the air closer to dew point before even passing through the super-cooled coils. Moreover, with the combination of our Microchannel Alu Condenser, efficiency is increased by having more condensation and faster interchange of heat which leads to better dehumidification, pumping the best air back to your room. This makes our SLGR series perfectly suitable for low humidity environments where a significant amount of moisture is still dehumidified.
Superior to other dehumidifiers in the market, the combination of our Microchannel Alu Condenser and SLGR technology improves the dispersion effect of the condenser by 50%, the heat exchange rate by 30%, and the refrigerant quantity by 50%. By these numbers, you can ensure the best dehumidification for your place.

This is Not Your Ordinary LGR Dehumidifier

Our Storm SLGR 850X, Storm SLGR 1600X, and Sentinel SLGR 1400X Dehumidifiers have been fully upgraded and now have the maximum performance among all LGR alternatives in the market.


Storm SLGR 1600X

Storm SLGR 850X

Sentinel SLGR 1400X

Water Removal per Day (AHAM 80°F - 60%) 160 PPD 85 PPD 140 PPD
Water Removal per Day (Saturation 90°F - 80% ) 275 PPD 180 PPD 275 PPD
Power Supply 115 V/60Hz 115 V/60Hz 115 V/60Hz
Power Consumption 1,305 W 621 W 1,044 W
COP 2.4L/kWh 2.5L/kWh 2.75L/kWh
Outlet Airflow 400 CFM, 680 CMH 210 CFM, 350 CMH 440 CFM, 680CMH
Condensate Pump Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions (LxWxH) 31.9”x20”x18” 21”x11.6”x17.3” 18.1”x33.9”x19.3”
Weight 99.2 lbs 61.7 lbs 114.6 lbs
Space Size 4,000 sq. ft 2,300 sq. ft 3,800 sq. ft

What is the LGR Dehumidifier?

Is it a dehumidifier just says ”LGR” on the Lable?
The answer is certainly NO!!!

Whether your needs are residential or commercial, our array of dehumidifiers can get the job done bringing you the best value for money. We provide a series of professional dehumidifiers: conventional, LGR, and SLGR. You may check them out to compare their differences, and see what is best for you. At any rate, each of them is professional grade and will help you tackle even the toughest jobs possible.

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Conventional Dehumidifiers

Conventional Dehumidifiers are considered to be effective for drying water damage remediation projects. It has similar features as the LGR and can be easily transported from one area to another with its ergonomically compact design. Following the diagram showed, conventional dehumidifiers draw moisture-laden air across a set of super cooled coils. As the air passes over, its temperature drops below dew point which leads to water condensation where extracted moisture drips down and is collected to be drained. Simultaneously, the dry air is reheated and exhausted back to the room. They yield a reliable amount of efficiency decent to effectively dehumidify smaller areas, and are less expensive than LGR and SLGR dehumidifiers.


Why SLGR (Super LGR) Technology?

LGR Dehumidifiers

According to IICRC S500-2006, LGR Dehumidifiers are equipped with an enhanced refrigeration system that can pull the grains down much lower and are more energy efficient. Their unique ability allows them to better remove moisture in an environment than conventional dehumidifiers, specifically removing moisture below 34GPP. This can be done with less electricity consumed and would continue to work at a lower humidity (80°F/20%).

SLGR Dehumidifiers

These are the newest and most advanced type of dehumidifiers you can find in the market. It is essentially an enhanced and upgraded LGR dehumidifier. With the powerful combination of our Microchannel Alu Condenser and SLGR technology, it produces the utmost dehumidification even in low humidity environments. Among the three types, if your needs are superlative, this dehumidifier will be your best bet.

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