8 Best Crawl Space Dehumidifiers of 2023:  Comprehensive Reviews and Buying Guide

Excess humidity and humid air in crawl spaces can lead to a range of issues, from mold growth to structural damage. To combat these problems, investing in a high-quality crawl space dehumidifier is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best crawlspace dehumidifiers and space dehumidifiers of 2023 to help you make an informed decision.

8 Best Dehumidifiers For Crawl Spaces of 2023

1. AlorAir Sentinel HD55 Basement/Crawl Space Commercial Dehumidifier

The AlorAir Sentinel HD55 dehumidifier is a powerful commercial dehumidifier designed specifically for basements and crawl spaces. With its robust moisture removal capabilities, the airflow effectively maintains optimal humidity levels in these confined spaces. Equipped with user-friendly features, this dehumidifier ensures hassle-free operation and reliable dehumidifier performance.

Compact design, powerful performance
Adjustable foot pad, portable handle for easy transport
MERV-1 filter protects from dust damage
Rare earth alloy tube evaporator prevents leaks
Automatic defrost for operation in low temperatures
cETL Certified for durability
Precise humidity control (36% to 90%)
Auto restart, error code diagnosis
Gravity drainage, user-friendly control panel
Optional remote control

2. BaseAire Airwerx 55 Basement/Crawl Space Commercial Dehumidifier

The BaseAire Airwerx 55+ dehumidifier is an intelligent dehumidifier designed to effectively manage high humidity and levels and remove moisture even in crawl spaces and basements. Its compact design and advanced humidity level control technology make it reliable for maintaining a dry and healthy environment. With its impressive warranty, this dehumidifier offers long-term peace of mind.

Ultra-compact design with exceptional performance.
Adjustable foot pad and portable handle for easy installation and transport.
Intuitive graphical control panel for ease of use.
Gravity drainage eliminates frequent tank checks.
MERV-8 filter protects internal components from dust damage.
Rare earth alloy tube evaporator prevents freon leakage, extending coil lifespan.
The defrosting system maintains and allows operation at low temperatures (down to 36°F).
Humidity sensor with bypass air design accurately reads ambient conditions.
Auto restart remembers settings after power failure.
The automatic diagnosis system provides troubleshooting tips via error codes.
Optional HVAC Ducts-Hot air exhaust for focused dehumidification.
Optional remote control offers remote sensing and control capabilities.

3. AprilAire E070 70-Pint Professional-Grade crawl spaces Dehumidifier

The AprilAire E070 is a professional-grade dehumidifiers and one of the best dehumidifier for crawl above, built to cater to the unique requirements of crawl spaces. Its high moisture removal rate and durable construction ensure effective and lasting performance. This top dehumidifier for crawling above is engineered to handle the challenges of crawl spaces and maintain optimal humidity levels effortlessly.

Extracts up to 70 pints (8 gallons) of moisture daily, maintaining optimal humidity levels.
Helps reduce the spread of airborne viruses by maintaining humidity within the recommended range.
Built-in the U.S.A. by AprilAire, a leader in indoor air quality solutions, featuring corrosion-resistant aluminum coils for longevity.
Prevents mold growth, termite infestations, structural wood rot, and odors.
No messy water tray to empty. Easily place the dehumidifier over a drain or connect a hose, level it, plug it in, set the target to the desired humidity level, and it’s ready to operate.
Set-it-and-forget-it functionality initiates dehumidification when humidity levels exceed the target.
Part of the e-series line, the E070 is perfect for dehumidifying sealed crawl spaces.
Maintains crawl space humidity between 40-60% relative humidity, fostering healthier air quality throughout your home.
Built-in digital control on the inlet side with an easy-to-read display and intuitive interface.
Removable and washable filter, reducing maintenance hassle.
Professional-grade coils are designed to resist corrosion, ensuring durability.
AprilAire’s dehumidifiers are securely packaged to prevent damage during shipment.

4. The Santa Fe Compact70 Crawl Space Dehumidifier

The Santa Fe Compact70 is a reliable dehumidifier for crawling above, focusing on compactness and efficiency. It’s designed to fit snugly in tight crawl spaces while effectively preventing mold growth and structural issues caused by excess moisture. Its robust features and performance make it a popular choice for rugged dehumidifiers among homeowners.

Capable of removing up to 70 pints of water per day, ensuring a comfortable living environment.
Compact dimensions (12″W x 12″H x 21″D) suitable for tight, small spaces, like crawl spaces, basements, and mechanical closets.
Designed to fit between floor joists, enabling easy hanging installation.
Offers versatility with horizontal or vertical discharge options to suit your space.
All Santa Fe dehumidifiers surpass Department of Energy standards, promoting energy efficiency.
Equipped with a MERV-13 filter for exceptional air filtration, ensuring cleaner indoor air.
Engineered for efficient operation even at low temperatures while maintaining airflow and proper airflow.
Provides ducting possibilities for divided spaces, enhancing flexibility in installation.
Features an auto restart function, enabling the dehumidifier to resume operation automatically after a power outage.

5. AlorAir Sentinel HDi120 Commercial Crawlspace Dehumidifiers

The AlorAir Sentinel HDi120 is a commercial-grade larger capacity dehumidifier designed for larger crawl spaces. With its high-capacity moisture removal, it offers superior protection against humidity-related problems. Its sturdy build and advanced features make it suitable for demanding crawl space environments.

Compact yet powerful, ensuring exceptional performance.
Adjustable foot pad and portable handle for convenient transportation and installation.
Equipped with a MERV-1/MERV-10 filter to safeguard internal components from dust and particles.
The heavy-duty pump automatically drains water to your chosen location.
Incorporates rare earth alloy tube evaporator, extending coil lifespan by preventing freon leakage.
Auto defrost technology enables operation even in low temperatures (down to 36°F).
cETL Certified, designed to withstand demanding conditions.
High dehumidification capacity.
Automatically maintains desired humidity levels within 36% to 90% range.
The auto restart feature remembers settings, even after power interruptions.
An automatic diagnosis system provides error codes for efficient issue resolution.
Auto Restart ensures a swift return to previous settings after a power outage.
Suitable for supply and return duct applications, enabling conditioning of adjacent rooms.
User-friendly graphical control panel for effortless operation.
Optional remote control for remote sensing and control, offering added convenience.

6. AlorAir Sentinel HD90 Commercial Crawl Space Dehumidifier

The AlorAir Sentinel HD90 is engineered to handle the unique challenges of crawl spaces with its exceptional moisture control capabilities. Its more energy-efficient design and user-friendly features ensure hassle-free operation, making it a valuable addition to crawl spaces requiring consistent humidity management.

Incorporates an automatic defrosting system for seamless operation.
Holds Energy Star certification, ensuring eco-friendly performance.
Boasts a high coefficient of performance (COP) for efficient moisture removal.
Includes a remote control for convenient adjustments from a distance.
Effortlessly drains moisture using a gravity-based system.
Equipped with a rare alloy tube evaporator for enhanced durability.
Ergonomically designed for easy dismantling when maintenance is needed.
Features a rotary compressor for reliable and effective moisture extraction.
Proven efficiency in extracting excess moisture, even in low humidity conditions.
Intelligent memory protection retains settings during power-offs.
Designed with a compact form factor for space-saving installation.
Supports optional supply duct installation for versatile application.

7. AlorAir Sentinel HDi90 Commercial Dehumidifier

The AlorAir Sentinel HDi90 stands out with its built-in pump, making it an ideal choice for crawl spaces where drainage and dry air might be challenging. Its pump feature simplifies the dehumidification process, ensuring that excess moisture in the living space is efficiently removed to maintain dry air and environment.

Removes moisture efficiently while conserving energy, reducing costs.
Space-saving unit with exceptional performance.
Easy transport and installation flexibility.
Shields internal components from dust and particles (optional).
Heavy-duty pump for automatic water drainage to a designated location.
Increases coil lifespan and prevents freon leakage.
Operates effectively at low temperatures (down to 36 degrees Fahrenheit).
Withstands rugged conditions with certified durability.
Automatically sustains ideal humidity levels (36% to 90%).
Provides troubleshooting tips via error codes.
Restarts with previous settings after a power outage.
Intuitive graphical control interface.
Offers remote sensing and control capabilities.
Supports duct installation for versatile usage scenarios.

8. AlorAir Sentinel HDi90(Duct-able) Commercial Dehumidifier

For crawl spaces that require ducted dehumidification, the AlorAir Sentinel HDi90(Duct-able dehumidifier) offers a tailored dehumidifier solution. Its ducting capability allows for targeted moisture removal, ensuring the entire sealed crawl space remains dry and well-protected against humidity-related issues.

Optimal performance, functionality, and comfort while saving on energy costs.
Compact unit with high-level effectiveness.
Easy transportation and installation flexibility.
Safeguards internal components from dust and particle damage (optional).
Automatically drains water to a drain hose at a designated location.
Prevents freon leakage, extending coil lifespan and removing excess moisture.
Operates effectively even at low temperatures (down to 36 degrees Fahrenheit).
Designed to endure rugged conditions with energy star-certified proof.
Automatically maintains your preferred humidity range (36% to 90%).
Retains settings in case of power failure.
Provides error code-based troubleshooting tips.
Automatically resumes previous settings.
Easy-to-use control interface.
Offers remote sensing and control capabilities.
Reduces the noise level and vibrations through hanging installation.

Choose The Best Crawl Space Dehumidifier Today ! 

In conclusion, choosing the right dehumidifier for crawling above is crucial for maintaining a healthy and structurally sound environment. The right crawl space dehumidifier and the options listed in this guide provide an ideal solution with a range of features and capabilities to suit various crawl space sizes and conditions. Consider your specific needs and preferences to find the perfect crawl space energy star-rated dehumidifiers that will effectively safeguard your crawl space for years to come.

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