Can Air Scrubbers Help Improve Indoor Air Quality In Winter?

AlorAir Team | October 26, 2021

The cold weather in winter makes people prefer to stay indoors. However, reduced ventilation, supplemental heating sources, and dry winter air in winter pose challenges to maintaining indoor air quality. There are several practical solutions. Cold, dry weather in winter can cause dry, chapped skin caused by outside air. Since a well-insulated house is not …

Can Dehumidifiers Play A Role In Maintaining Electronic Devices?

AlorAir Team | October 19, 2021

Electronic devices need careful management from manufacturing to transportation to storage to prevent corrosion of sensitive components and circuits. Because electronic devices may need to be stored for long periods, great care needs to be taken to control conditions in the storage room, such as humidity. When humidity is not correctly managed, too much moisture …

How Does The Dehumidifier Maintain The Value Of Steel Products?

AlorAir Team |

Moisture will not only make steel and iron rust, product value decline, directly affecting the company’s benefits. In addition, there are many other adverse effects of humidity, such as: Products like plate girders, rolled steel, iron, and semi-finished products are corroded by moisture in the air. The value of rusted steel products declines. The storage and …

The Function Of Dehumidifier In Storing Products

AlorAir Team | October 14, 2021

To avoid spoilage of stored food, the humidity of stored food should be kept below 50%. If the humidity reaches 70 %, it is enough to form mold growth. Some industrial products can become corrode or lumpy because of the moisture. There are two ways can solve this problem. One is to use a heating …

The Role Of The Dehumidifier In Preventing Icing

AlorAir Team |

The food industry has to face various challenges every day, and one of the challenges is to prevent the icing on the food. Ice, frost, and fog are ordinary phenomena in the refrigerant manufacture essential infrastructure. However, it may cause various malfunctions and accidents, and it can result in production losses. Install a dehumidifier of …

Use a whole-house dehumidifier to keep your family and home safe

AlorAir Team | October 6, 2021

Do you also feel that your whole home is wet in spring and summer? It is a worrying problem and should be actively addressed if the indoor relative humidity is above 60%. Whole-house dehumidifiers are HVAC devices that help you be proactive and effectively reduce humidity levels throughout the house. Data from an analysis of …

How does dehumidification increase the market value of a property?

AlorAir Team |

The modern market is very competitive, and people expect everything to be prepared in advance, and construction and real estate are no different. When apartments and buildings are extensively rebuilt and polished, they must be put on the market as soon as possible to find potential buyers as quickly as possible. Before they move in, …

Do uniforms and equipment in the army need to be dehumidified?

AlorAir Team | September 27, 2021

The military needs to operate in various environments. Therefore, some emergencies may cause the equipment, clothes, and uniforms to get wet. If this damp equipment and clothing gear are left undried, it can have all sorts of negative effects: Uniforms and equipment may be damaged and deteriorated. Their performance and durability are also significantly reduced. …

Some basic knowledge about dehumidifiers

AlorAir Team |

A dehumidifier is a unit that decreases the humidity in a particular space. And people use it when the humid level is high, and it needs to be reduced to a specific level to avoid an uncomfortable life and any damage. Why do we need a dehumidifier? People don’t feel good when the humidity level …

Are dehumidifiers needed in public facilities and buildings?

AlorAir Team | September 22, 2021

There is significant traffic in commercial buildings and public buildings, and people gain various services from there. Therefore, the quantities of commercial and public buildings are enormous, and the people using them are also significant. Thus, these buildings will become uncomfortable because of the traffic of the people all day if they lose management. In …

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