Application of dehumidifier in hotel

Hotel as a service industry, the comfort of the living environment directly impacts the customer’s consumer experience. The air quality inside a hotel and its live environment are the critical factors that directly affect the success of a hotel. When the humidity in hotels is out of control, it can lead to the following adverse effects: Guests can feel very uncomfortable in these facilities and don’t even know why they think the way they do. In addition, the hotel’s long-term exposure to high humidity will affect the health of guests and staff because of the health risks associated with mold and fungi. In addition, due to excessive moisture will produce condensation on walls, furniture, and other surfaces. The damage of humidity is sometimes visible and sometimes invisible. Due to heating, cooling, and ventilation, the power consumption is very high, and it is not suitable for the hotel to solve the daily humidity problem.

Due to the hotel doors and windows are always open, and the continuous human activity. So the humidity in the hotel is high.

Consumer support is an essential indicator of the success of the hotel. When considering user experience, hoteliers must pay close attention to every parameter. But the issue of air quality in guest rooms is often overlooked. Traditional methods of using air conditioners and ventilators can only focus on controlling temperature, not humidity. Alorair provides an efficient working dehumidification system to maintain the required humidity levels and fully automated process. A dry and fresh indoor environment will make customers feel comfortable in the hotel, and staff will improve their work efficiency.

Benefits of installing a dehumidifier in a hotel:

Air specifications are well controlled.

User comfort and satisfaction increased.

Employees work in a better environment and work more efficiently.

Maintenance and cleaning costs are relatively low.

The cooling, heating, and ventilation processes use relatively little energy.

Alorair’s dehumidifier is the most suitable for hotel dehumidification. It essentially solves the dampness caused by weather conditions and external climate, space volume, guest activity, number of people and patterns, and many other factors. If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us!

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