How Can You Control Moisture and Reduce Humidity Economically?

AlorAir Team | March 21, 2020

The summer season not only raises the temperature of the atmosphere but also make it humid. Too much moisture can annoy you and make you feel uncomfortable. The high moisture percentage in the air not only affects your mood but also cause potential damage to your home. The high humidity can lead to the following …

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What Should You Do After a Storm Hits?

AlorAir Team | March 17, 2020

You are agitated, is there anything you can do to help? When are professionals needed? All these are commonly pondered the question with not enough probable answers. The ability to get your life on track along with rebuilding your home depends on your swiftness and knowledge in knowing what to do at such trying times. …

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Dehumidifier: Fact or Fiction?

AlorAir Team | March 14, 2020

Sometimes in the Summer Noon, you start feeling stiflingly hot, even when you are inside, it is because of humidity. As the temperature rises, the level of humidity in your room also increases with it.  The impact of humidity can be very minor and even immense which can make you feel restless. Humidity also multiplies …

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8 Tips to Find Indoor Air Quality

AlorAir Team | March 12, 2020

Knowing how to improve the indoor air quality of the home can protect your family’s health and help you spend less time cleaning. However, most of us take indoor air quality for granted as we believe that the walls and windows will keep the dust and smog out of our homes. But that’s seldom enough, …

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How to Deal With Crawl Space Air

AlorAir Team | November 16, 2019

A crawl space is a wide clearing under a building. This is usually the gap between the foundation of a building and the ground floor of the building. The crawl space can have various heights. The common design is for it to have just enough space for an adult to crawl through hence the name …

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Flooding: The Causes and Consequences of the Water-Based Hazard

AlorAir Team | November 9, 2019

A flood is more than just that little pool of water that gathers around your house. It is more than the gently overflowing drainage in your area. Even though those are some of the indications of flooding, it is much more serious than that. Taking a glance at what Wikipedia has to say, flooding is …

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Causes and Dangers of Floods

AlorAir Team | November 2, 2019

Floods are a natural calamity that comes with so much destruction. Floods occur when water bodies have an increase in water level thus causing them to rise and overflow onto dry land. Floods have been around from time immemorial and in some cases, some could say that some instances of flooding have been an ‘advantage’ …

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Basement Floor Drying Solutions

AlorAir Team | October 21, 2019

Any homeowner with a home with a basement has encountered the damp basement problem. A damp basement is caused by problems in water drying from the basement wall or the floor. Water in the basement floor and walls can be as a result of: Rainwater, groundwater, or melting snow water saturating the soil around the …

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7 Potential Health Risks of a Humid Environment

AlorAir Team | October 12, 2019

A humid environment refers to an atmosphere with relatively high levels of water vapor. Most people only understand the effects of high humidity on your health, this is mainly because in a high humidity environment one will experience immediate personal discomfort like sweating. However, a very low humidity environment also poses serious health risks. Potential …

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7 Potential Health Effects of Humid Environment

AlorAir Team | October 5, 2019

With the change of seasons comes the change of relative humidity in the atmosphere. Both high and low humidity can cause damage to the body which in turn will affect your health. It might not seem like a big deal at first but these effects come over time and may cause serious damage to the …

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