Fire Damage Once the Smoke Clears

AlorAir Team | May 13, 2020

Fire, the public enemy number one, when it comes to the destruction of lives and property. There is so much agitation associated with fire destruction and homeowners are no exception. Most families and business owners who experienced fire damage are usually anxious to start again, and various questions begin to rise like what to do …

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Dealing with Water Damage and Mold Growth

AlorAir Team | May 7, 2020

The two giant problems in the land of property ownership. Homeowners often get tired of tackling the issue of water damage and mold growth because it seems like a never-ending problem that seems to occur concurrently with each other, although some text place mold growth frequency after homeowners have experienced a form of water damage …

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Common Steps To Fix Any Kind Of Water Damage

AlorAir Team | May 4, 2020

So you are facing a water damage crisis, either from a burst pipe or there is dripping of water from a badly damaged roof or even overflow of the sink water onto your carpet, and other important materials in your home. There is a tendency to be anxious, because, you do not know what to …

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Can Wet Carpet and Drywall be Rescued?

AlorAir Team | April 28, 2020

After water damage to the home, it is important to know when to restore or let go of a property. Actions are to be taken as soon as possible to minimize further losses and keep the home safe. In the case of wet carpet and drywall damage after a water-related mishap, the significant point to …

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About Smoke Damage

AlorAir Team | April 24, 2020

Fire and flame are words that strike fear and cause grief in the hearts of any property owner. Fire is a visible effect of the process of combustion, a force of destruction. It is paramount that we need to protect ourselves and properties from it, but have you protected yourself from what comes with it, …

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Basement Floor Drying Solutions

AlorAir Team | April 20, 2020

The basement is often forgotten when it comes to regular house cleaning. Well, that is quite understandable as it is a hidden space that is not accessed by most people. as most basements are left uncleaned, the build-up of dirt keeps increasing. At times this gets you thinking how can I get rid of all …

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6 Most Common Causes of Water Damage in Your Home

AlorAir Team | April 15, 2020

Congratulations on being a homeowner, but how do you stay a homeowner. Being a homeowner comes with its unannounced set of responsibilities, I mean,  just after crossing the back-breaking huddle of acquiring a home, you would then be tasked to protect it from forces both natural like earthquakes, flooding and man-made like fire outbreaks that …

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Excellent Ways to Protect Yourself from Dust Mite

AlorAir Team | April 14, 2020

Dust mites are small creatures that are commonly found in places such as carpets, upholstered furniture, curtains, and beddings. There are so tiny that it is impossible to see them without a magnifying glass or microscope.  They have eight legs and belong to a family of spiders. Dust mites are known to be triggering allergies …

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Things to Consider When Buying Air Scrubber for Restoration

AlorAir Team | April 8, 2020

Have you ever realized that your indoor air is much more polluted than outside? The polluted and impure air quality inside your home is the major cause of health ailments, allergies, respiratory diseases, and many more. All these factors have made an air scrubber a necessity for every home. Although it is essential to keep …

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The Value of Air Scrubbers in Restoration Work

AlorAir Team | April 6, 2020

Air Scrubbers also called negative air scrubbers or negative air machine is a portable filtration system that is used to clean and deodorize the area by removing particles, gases, and chemicals from it. It is mostly used to remove the smoke after the fire, and moldy smell often produces in the water damaged area. The …

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