(COVID-19): Autumn health tips

How does the virus spread?

The spread of this virus is mainly through the respiratory droplets (produced by coughing, sneezing, and speaking) of the infected person entering the mouth, nose, or eyes of nearby people. After touching the surface of an object contaminated by the virus, and then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes, people may also be infected by the virus.

In addition, you may have heard some reports about the close air transmission of the virus, especially in poorly ventilated, overcrowded indoor places where people infected with the virus are in close contact with others for a long time. Currently, evidence suggests that COVID-19 is unlikely to spread over long distances through the air.

How to avoid the risk of infection in autumn?

You and your family can take the following precautions to avoid infection:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or a tissue, and then immediately dispose of the used tissue.
  • Keep at least one meter away from others.
  • If you or your child has fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms of COVID-19, please seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect the surfaces of frequently touched objects, including door handles, light switches, and work surfaces.
  • Avoid going to crowded, closed, and poorly ventilated places, and try to keep a social distance from others in public places.
  • In public places where there are community transmission and places where it is difficult to maintain social distance, fabric masks should be worn.
  • Keep the room well ventilated.
  • Use air purification equipment at home or at work, make sure to buy products that can remove bacteria, click here to choose your favorite.

What should I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19?

Please seek medical attention, but please remember that it is also the flu season in the northern hemisphere. Some symptoms of COVID-19 (such as cough or fever) may be similar to those of flu or the common cold, which has a higher incidence.

Continue to maintain good personal hygiene by washing your hands frequently, which will protect your child from other viruses and bacteria.

As with other respiratory infections such as the flu, if you or your child have symptoms, please seek medical attention as soon as possible, and try to avoid going to public places (such as workplaces, schools, public transportation, etc.) to prevent transmission to others.

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