Dehumidification for the carpet industry

The process of cleaning and drying a carpet depends on the type of fiber in the carpet. Carpets that are not correctly washed or dried can suffer so much damage that they cannot be used again.

To protect the floor not exposed for a long time, cleaning and drying the carpet must be completed as soon as possible. But sometimes, because natural climate conditions cause humidity to be too high, this may bring about the growth of the time of carpet drying. Therefore, to shorten the drying time, the installation of a dehumidification device is necessary. Our dehumidifiers are highly efficient and reliable, especially in carpet dehumidification.

The carpet cleaning process needs careful because it wants to remove the dirt in the carpet completely. Therefore, this cleans carpet needs to invest a certain time. So, the only part that can be accelerated to save time is carpet drying. If you want to dry carpets quickly, the choice of dehumidifier is essential. Using our high efficient dehumidifier will help you save significant time while reducing operating costs. Proper air circulation and strong dehumidification are the correct methods for rapid and non-destructive drying. We believe that our dehumidifier can remove residual moisture on the carpet and effectively achieve good carpet drying. For any dehumidifier, high temperature and high humidity are a considerable challenge. Poor quality dehumidifiers cannot meet the requirements of operating under these conditions. Our high-quality dehumidifiers can operate under these conditions.

Our dehumidifiers have a high reputation in the market for robust and superior performance. In addition, our dehumidifiers are available in various models to meet the different degrees of drying you want. Some carpets may be sensitive to rapid drying, in which case our dehumidifier runs without damaging the carpet’s fabric. And according to customer needs, we can also provide a portable dehumidifier with a WiFi APP.

Humidity isn’t the only factor that speeds carpet drying. Air circulation will also speed up carpet drying, so dehumidifiers will work better if they work with our fans. And these fans are low maintenance and can provide continuous airflow.

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