Do uniforms and equipment in the army need to be dehumidified?

The military needs to operate in various environments. Therefore, some emergencies may cause the equipment, clothes, and uniforms to get wet. If this damp equipment and clothing gear are left undried, it can have all sorts of negative effects:

  1. Uniforms and equipment may be damaged and deteriorated. Their performance and durability are also significantly reduced.
  2. Uniform and gear appearance and specification compliance are affected by mold and bacteria.
  3. Uniforms give off bad smells and are uncomfortable to wear. They may not provide the desired comfort.
  4. The morale of the unit has been negatively affected.
  5. It also increases operating costs and reduces equipment availability.

Due to the nature of the military’s work, some of the various uniforms, clothing, and equipment used in military, paramilitary, and emergency services can quickly get wet. In addition, the challenging operating environment made it difficult to dry the uniforms and equipment immediately.

Storing uniforms and equipment in an enclosed space without properly drying them can lead to mold and bacteria. And the appearance and specifications of these expensive materials will be affected. It also poses a challenge to the durability of materials. In addition, it can create an unpleasant smell and make soldiers uncomfortable to wear them, which undoubtedly reduces the motivation and morale of soldiers.

Keeping uniforms and equipment in a humid environment for a long time can cause them to become moldy and smelly and can degrade their quality. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Installing Alorair’s dehumidifier can eliminate humidity problems once and for all. These dehumidifiers can keep the humidity in the storage room below 65% and the temperature below 20℃, providing a storage environment free of bacteria and mold.

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