How Dehumidifiers Can Increase The Market Value Of Your Property?

If you want to get the desired value for your property you must present it in an appropriate manner.

Today, the real estate market is a highly competitive area and you must be well-prepared to handle it.

There are many factors that can give you a competitive edge and better ROI, and one of those things are quality dehumidification capabilities.

It’s recommended that the house has a dehumidifier installed before the buyer can move in as they want to settle in as quickly as possible.

What is dehumidification and Why is it Important for Homes and Businesses?

Dehumidification can be defined as a process that removes humidity from the air. This is done by using a dehumidifier, which is a device used to remove excess moisture from the air. The process is often used in commercial buildings, offices, and schools to prevent mold and mildew.

How Does a Dehumidifier Increase the Market Value of A Property?

Dehumidifiers keep your house in a desirable condition and can increase or retail the value of your property.

Here is a list of different reasons why a dehumidifier would increase the market value of a property.

A Dehumidifier Keeps Your House Looking New

One of the best parts about having a dehumidifier is that it protects your house from mold and mildew growth. They can put a stain on the walls giving your house a shabby appearance. Moreover, the added moisture in the air can cause cracked paints. A dehumidifier will tackle all these issues giving your house a brand new appearance, which will eventually increase the value of your property.

A Dehumidifier Protects Your House From Structural Damage

Nobody wants to buy a house that’s damaged. Structural damage to the house can pose a threat to human lives and would bring down the value of your property as the buyer would now have to pay for the repair before moving in.

If you don’t want such issues occurring with your property, it’s better to go for a dehumidifier early on and put a leash on the structural damage before it’s too late.

Especially, if your house is located in an extremely humid area it would always pay off to get a dehumidifier.

Minimizes the Elements that Can Devalue Your Property

A dehumidifier retains your property value by minimizing the following issues on your property:

  • Fixing paint that is bubbling or breaking
  • Reducing the possibilities of wallpaper peeling
  • Minimizing cracked or warped hardwood flooring issues
  • Stopping woodwork and furniture from getting rotting or cracking
  • Preventing swollen wooden framing
  • Preventing damages to valuable possessions, such as instruments or electronics
Dehumidifiers Speed Up Renovation Work

When apartments and buildings are extensively rebuilt and polished, they must be put on the market as soon as possible to find potential buyers as quickly as possible. Before they move in, the house’s marketability depends on the property and the services of a real estate agent, and the condition of the four walls.

Today, buyers want HVAC systems installed before moving in because they want to settle in as quickly as possible. They want the property to be in immaculate condition, which also helps market the property better.

High-quality and efficient dehumidifiers provide quick drying of building structures, help speed up renovation work, help make the house more attractive and make buyers want to move into their new home as soon as possible.

Because of all the reasons mentioned above, it is incredibly crucial to equip your properties with dehumidification capabilities.

Why AlorAir Sentinel HDi120 LGR Dehumidifier Would be the Perfect Fit?

Our various removable dehumidifiers can help real estate agents dry refurbished or newly constructed buildings, apartments, and houses in less time. Here we’d like to look at how the Sentinel HDi120 would assist you in this process:

Make Your Apartments Movable Faster

Customers don’t want to wait long if you’re not able to let them move in fast, they’d lose interest and may want to invest somewhere else where they’d be able to move in right away.

Sentinel HDi120 comes with exceptionally fast dehumidification capabilities. With a whopping 235 pint capacity, your apartments would be free of shabbiness within no time.

The powerful dehumidification capabilities would also enable you to dehumidify large apartments up to 3300 sqft.

You will make more conversions as customers can move in right away.

Keep Your Newly Built Apartments in Pristine Conditions

Newly built apartments are often prone to increased humidity levels. If you keep them like that, the situation can worsen to a certain degree. Mold and mildew can infest the house and you may start spotting cracks and stains on the paint fast.

That’s where our commercial-grade Sentinal HDi120 comes in. It’s an incredibly powerful device with a 290CFM airflow. Moreover, the MERV filter technologies would purify the air to curb the spread of mold or other similar elements.

As a result, you’d be able to present potential clients with a home that’s well maintained and ready to be moved in right away.

Can Work for Multiple Apartments

Another positive of the SentinelHDi120 is that it’s a portable device. It comes with handles on top, a highly compact design, and a moveable weight, which will let you dehumidify multiple apartments at once.

On top of that, the 20 ft long cord makes your movements more convenient and gives you the ability to dehumidify rooms that don’t have an active power outlet yet.  This kind of mobile device helps to bring your apartments up to the move-in standard in a short time.

Versatile Operation

Sentinel HDi120 has a robust design with an automated Defrosting Technology that makes it work even in very low-temperature areas. The high dehumidification capability and low maintenance features are the most impressive highlights.

Final Thoughts

Dehumidifiers are absolutely crucial for maintaining properties and keeping them in a good condition. It makes life easier and maintains the value of your property as well.

Don’t miss your window, find the best dehumidifier for your apartment and get the desired value for your property!

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