How to Prepare Your Home to Prevent Yourself from Heat?

The summer months can be one of the most electricity-consuming months of the year which raises your energy costs quite significantly because of the high demand for air conditioning. It can be really expensive to keep your home comfortable in soaring temperatures. It is not just expensive but can also be dangerous. If you keep the air conditioner running for too long or too often, it can stress your home’s electric system and put you at risk of fire or shock.

For avoiding any tragedy and save money, you must follow these tips to become energy efficient in summers:

Update your insulation

This will help in keeping the air in your home cool and throw the hot air out. You can add more insulation on top of the existing insulation in your attic. You can explore further the type of insulation you should use for your home.

Ventilate the attic

When the outside temperatures are in the 90s, the attic can easily reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Adequately sized vents and an attic fan can help in preventing the hot air from building up.

Get the air conditioner ready

Shut the power off before cleaning it. On the inside, wash or vacuum the cleanable filters, and replace the disposable ones. On the outside, clear the leaves and other debris from the condensing unit. Hose off any accumulated dirt. It is a good idea to take the services of a professional who can come and inspect your unit before the onset of summer.

Put a timer

It is advisable to put a timer or programmable thermostat on your air conditioner and leave it at a higher temperature when you are away. Set it to cool the house half an hour before returning back to your home.


Another simple yet effective way of keeping your home from getting hot is to install the awnings over the windows that are exposed to direct sunlight.

Ceiling fans

You must consider installing ceiling fans. On moderately warm days, the ceiling fan is enough to keep you comfortable. You can decrease your air conditioner usage by replacing it with a fan on moderately warm days.

Install insulation

Insulation will not only keep the house warm during winter but also keep it cool during summer. The way it prevents heat from escaping during the winters, it stops heat from entering your home. Insulation within the walls, loft, or roof will prevent the passage of heat, which is ideal for regulating your house’s internal temperature.


The shade is one of the best ways to keep your home cooler during the summers. It can be achieved by planting more trees and plants in your garden. It will not only keep your house cool but also boost the attractiveness of the outdoor space.

Paint it white

The best color for encouraging coolness in the home is white. It reflects the heat rather than absorbing it. You can at least get your roof and reflective wall painted in white if not the entire house.

Even during summers, you don’t have to compromise with your comfort to keep the energy cost within your budget. Here’s a look at some easy cost-saving tips:

  • Open windows and doors so that you can let the outside air cool your house on moderately warm days. However, make sure to keep them closed when the air-conditioner is on.
  • If possible, avoid frequently going in and out of the house as each time you open the door, heat and humidity find their way inside.
  • Another remedy is to keep the sun outside your house by closing the blinds, shades, or draperies during the hottest part of the day. Consider planting fast-growing trees and shrubs near your home so that they can keep your home cool. However, avoid keeping them near the power lines.
  • Set the lamps, TV sets, and other heat-producing devices away from the air conditioner thermostat. The heat from the lamp could cause the thermostat to read higher temperatures and keep the air conditioner running more than required.
  • When buying a new air-conditioner unit, look for the one with a blue energy star label. An energy-efficient air conditioner will save money in the long run by using less electricity.

Keeping these essential tips in mind will help in creating a cooler space to live this summer without expensive electricity bills.

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