How to prevent water corrosion of seashore wind turbines

Around the seashore, the level of humidity is high. Because of the massive bodies of water, sometimes the humidity level will reach 100%. The surface and internal part of the turbine will have condensation when the temperature plummets at night. And it can be potential damage to the system of the wind turbine.

The main challenge of the wind turbine is the correction of the metal part by air humidity because the tower and turbine are made of metals. It is a common phenomenon that electric failure is caused by correction. However, it will increase the cost of maintenance. In addition, it will increase the operating downtime and significantly decrease the life span of the turbine. The best way to avoid the above problems is to install a dehumidifier in the wind turbine factory.

For the majority of the people, it will cost an extra fee due to the installation of the dehumidifier. However, the truth could not be further. Initially, the cost increases, but it benefits the reduce the maintenance in the long term. Alorair has a wide variety of high-performance devices that the power plant can choose from their interested one. Alorair is a high-tech water restoration company, has a high reputation for high-quality products and services. Therefore, we are worthy of being reliable and trust. And we suggest that using a dehumidifier to combat the high-level humidity. What’s more, add a heater and fan to the dehumidification system can make the better result.

Our expert team has been testing and trial all the time to know the best way to install the dehumidifier in the offshore area. You can easily dissolve the risk of the system obstacle by the correction through the approach of the proper plan and roadmap. Our expert team and staff can help you determine the best solution by calculating the environment’s parament. Trust us that based on our expertise can help you achieve the best result.

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