The Benefits of Alorair Dehumidifiers for Steel Product

Steel production is a serious business with big problems that must be solved for the operation to reach and maintain profitability. The slightest mistake can result in damaged products, increased downtime, reduced revenue, and impaired worker safety.


It’s essential to equip your plant with the best possible tools and technology to achieve optimal operational efficiency, including reliable dehumidification systems to protect valuable steel inventory from rust and corrosion due to excessive moisture while it’s pending delivery.


Alorair commercial grade dehumidifiers are specifically designed for use in steel plants and other high-risk, industrial applications where humidity control is essential. They can be effectively used for both restoration and prevention purposes.


Our mission is to understand the needs of our clients so we can offer a better and more effective commercial dehumidifier for sale that solves the problems they face every day. The customer feedback-based product improvements we make help protect their steel inventories from moisture damage that cripples productivity and destroys profit margins.


How Humidity Affects Steel Products


Moisture that damages industrial steel comes from various sources, like the air, flooding, rain, sprays used to cool cutting tools and condensation. The water from these sources will rust steel and iron, causing a decline in product value, and negatively impacting the bottom line.


Moisture damage is a constant struggle in large-scale manufacturing operations, and there are many adverse effects, such as:


  • Corrosion to plate girders, rolled steel, iron, and semi-finished products
  • Declining value of rusted steel products
  • Increasing storage and operational costs of steel products
  • Premature machine malfunctions
  • Reduced factory output
  • Soaring consumer warranty claims


And the above effects don’t even consider the impact of moisture and humidity on the manufacturing equipment and processes themselves. Production equipment that suffers from prolonged exposure to high humidity levels begins to rust, causing structural damage and ultimately physical failure.


Atmospheric moisture also damages internal electrical components, leading to equipment failures, short-circuiting, and possibly fire hazards.


When uncontrolled humidity and moisture inevitably impact the work product of a manufacturing facility, customer satisfaction falls, and the company’s reputation is tarnished, leading to client defections to competitors producing higher quality products.


How a Dehumidifier Fights Rust and Corrosion


Alorair’s commercial-grade dehumidifiers protect steel products and equipment by removing environmental moisture and monitoring and regulating indoor humidity to keep it at acceptable levels.


The laws of physics tell us that products don’t rust if humidity is below 45%. Installing products from an industrial dehumidifier manufacturer like Alorair helps achieve desired humidity levels for the safe storage of steel products by controlling air humidity, even in the harshest environments.


Their best commercial dehumidifier packages are designed to operate over long periods reliably, faithfully removing steel damaging moisture from the air so company personnel can focus on making products and not fighting the environment.


Using a heavy-duty dehumidifier during the summer months in warehouse and manufacturing facilities is highly effective due to high temperatures and rising humidity. When humidity levels exceed 45%, unhealthy conditions are created by providing a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and dust mites.


Keeping humidity at safe levels provides employees with a more comfortable work environment, and a comfortable workspace encourages greater productivity and a happier workforce.


Advantages of Using a High Capacity Dehumidifier


There are many direct and indirect benefits to deploying Alorair dehumidifiers into manufacturing and warehousing environments to keep humidity at levels that don’t damage equipment, manufactured work products, or employee morale and health.


Here are many of the benefits that Alorair dehumidifiers offer:


  • A warehouse dehumidifier manages air quality which improves employee health
  • Employee absenteeism is reduced
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Flood damage dehumidification
  • Less corrosion and rust lead to a longer product life span
  • Mold removal
  • Prevents mold growth which promotes a safer work environment
  • Quiet operation reduces distractions to personnel and enhances productivity
  • Reduced moisture levels that lessen corrosion and rusting factory equipment
  • Water damage restoration


If steel quality is guaranteed, customer complaints are eliminated, and consumer satisfaction with the product and the company is improved.


With fewer claims, storage operating costs are lower because stored steel products suffer minimal humidity damage using Alorair dehumidifiers. And as a welcome bonus, Alorair dehumidifiers are highly energy-efficient systems that help reduce energy costs.


Dehumidifier Implementation Success Story


It’s crucial to maintain safe humidity levels during warehouse storage and throughout the manufacturing process.


Therefore, numerous steel manufacturers have successfully implemented dehumidifier systems to protect their products from the damaging effects of moisture and humidity to increase profits and improve working conditions for employees.


For example, the leading independent steel trader in the world deployed commercial-grade dehumidifiers in their Finland plant that manufactures flat steel products. They aimed to combat rust, corrosion, and metal oxidation caused by a thin layer of water vapor molecules that settled on sheets of galvanized steel.


Their dehumidifying solution maintains safe indoor humidity levels year-round despite fluctuating outdoor temperatures. The predictable humidity levels help the company keep its steel sheeting in pristine condition, drastically reducing waste and preserving the market value of its products while simultaneously bolstering the company’s bottom line and employee satisfaction.


“In another case reported by Infrastructure Magazine in their article, Corrosion Prevention by Dehumidification, an innovative company in Australia used commercial-grade dehumidifiers to avoid steel corrosion during flash cleaning and finishing of iron and steel overpass structures by maintaining relative humidity (RH) levels below 45% during the blasting and coating process.”


Keeping RH low prevents corrosion and rust because moisture in the air is regulated throughout the production cycle.


Last Words on Commercial-Grade Dehumidifiers


Alorair is a leading manufacturer of top-quality, commercial-grade, easily installed dehumidifiers that keep steel products in perfect condition. Every energy-efficient dehumidifier is backed by a five-year warranty and a dedicated customer service team that’s always available to answer customer questions.


To effectively control the humidity in your facility, Alorair’s trained staff will recommend a suitable dehumidifier for those who don’t understand how to size and choose the appropriate equipment. As a result, your business will enjoy controlled levels of humidity that won’t stifle productivity, wreak havoc on employee morale, or break the budget.


To learn more, contact Alorair today to have your humidity control needs evaluated and receive an effective recommendation!

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