The Value of Air Scrubbers in Restoration Work

Air Scrubbers also called negative air scrubbers or negative air machine is a portable filtration system that is used to clean and deodorize the area by removing particles, gases, and chemicals from it. It is mostly used to remove the smoke after the fire, and moldy smell often produces in the water damaged area. The commercially available air scrubbers have a filtration system containing a series of filters. It cleans the air passing through its filter system and hence removes contaminants from the air effectively. This makes an air scrubber an effective tool in restoration work.

The air scrubbers are also used in water damage restoration and in an area where the hazardous particles like lead, mold, and asbestos are produced. The choice of an air scrubber can be made on the basis of the size of the space to be clean, range, type, and also on the size of the contaminants that need to be removed.

What are the different parts of the air scrubber?

The air scrubbers have different parts that work together to produce effective results. The parts of the air scrubber and their functions are described below in brief:

Pre-Filters: It is the first passage through which the contaminated air passes. It captures the larger particles that help in maintaining the unit airflow and the filtration efficiency of the apparatus.

Carbon Filter:Carbon filter performs the task of capturing gas and vapor molecules by means of adsorption. This is helpful in removing odor from the air.

Primary Filter: Primary filter or HEPA filters remove the smallest particles of size up to 0.3 microns from the air and perform the final step of air filtration. It helps in making air 99.97% clean and makes your home healthy and fresh to live in.

How does air scrubber work?

The different parts of the air scrubber build a negative pressure which allows the air to enter the scrubber from one end. The pressure difference is to build as long as more and more air is removed from the straw than that can be replaced.

Air scrubbers also play an important role in removing mold spores by the application of a small HEPA vacuum. The inlet nozzle of the unit is inserted in a contaminated zone, which then generates negative pressure and sucks the released particles.

So the basic and the most important function of air scrubber is to make the air clean. But once the air is clean it needs to be decontaminated again. To use the air scrubber again it is essential to neutralize the unit and replace its filter. This is necessary to prevent cross-contamination.

Where to place air scrubber to get quality results?

To get the valuable result from the application of air scrubber, place them at the center of the room. If the area is large then install more than one unit or a number of smaller CFM units. You can also use an industrial air blower along with air scrubber to obtain better and more efficient results.

What are the different places where air scrubbers are used in restoration work?

Air Scrubber is a valuable tool that does a great job of restoration at different places.

At Worksite

Most of the worksites like the woodwork shop produce a lot of dust. Similarly, a lot of dust and debris is generated from the construction sites. All these places need an air scrubber that works efficiently to make the air clean and make it safer for the employees working in that place.

Water damage restoration

Air movers and scrubber work effectively for water damage restoration. The high-pressure produced by the apparatus evaporates the water rapidly and dries the floor and carpet. Along with the water particle, it also sucks the unwanted debris like carpet fibers, dirt, and spores, thus making the area clean and hygienic.

Clean the air after the fire

Fire is the major source of contaminants like soot, ash, and harmful chemical gases. Air scrubber works as the best tool at such places. It helps in removing carbon and makes the air safe to inhale. Along with unwanted debris, it also helps in removing the carbon odor and other persistent smell.

Restore freshness in the sewer damage area

Sewage causes a foul smell that makes the air intolerable to breathe in. At such places, the role of air scrubbers comes into play and makes the surroundings suitable for working for the sewage cleaners.

The quality of air is the factor that directly affects your health, therefore it is very important to live in the surrounding with clean and fresh air. To maintain the cleanliness and for restoration work, air scrubber proves to be the best apparatus nowadays.

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