Things to Consider When Buying Air Scrubber for Restoration

Have you ever realized that your indoor air is much more polluted than outside? The polluted and impure air quality inside your home is the major cause of health ailments, allergies, respiratory diseases, and many more. All these factors have made an air scrubber a necessity for every home.

Although it is essential to keep the indoor air clean, at the same time choosing the right air scrubber is a challenging task. You have to learn a lot before moving out to buy the product. Go through every little specification and product feature to make a smart choice and to buy a valuable air scrubber that meets your budget.

Here are a few useful tips that will help you in buying a quality product for your living space.

Consider your need

Of course, you need a product to purify your surroundings and to improve the quality of the product. This is the broader perspective of buying a useful product. But go in-depth of your requirements and consider the need for the product.

E.g., if you are choosing an air purifier to get rid of allergens then choose a product having HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. These filters are known to remove as many 99.9% airborne allergens having a size of fewer than 0.3 microns.

Buying an air scrubber to remove odor and chemical pollutants, that are the major cause of asthma, it is better to opt for asthma air purifiers. These purifiers are equipped with odor and chemical filtration along with HEPA filters that help in making air pure and comfortable to breathe in.

Also, there are all-purpose air scrubbers available in the market that is meant to improve the indoor air quality and create a healthy home environment.

Consider the size

After considering your need look for the size of the air scrubber that you need to install in your home. For choosing the right size, calculate the square footage of your room. Then calculate the area of the product and analyze the space it will occupy. You can check the area of the instrument by looking at the product specification.

Along with the size, consider other features like Air Change per Hour (ACH) rate. It is the number of times the air purifier filter the entire volume of the air in the room per hour. This is checked when you are looking for air purifiers for asthma or other related problems. Take expert advice to understand the ACH rate according to the room size.

Consider operating cost

While purchasing the product as per your requirement, focus not only on its purchasing value. Instead, calculate the total value by considering its operating cost as well. Most of the product has an operating cost at an average of $150 to $200 per year. This cost includes the electricity cost and filters replacement cost. If you are using an apparatus that contains pre-filters for capturing the large airborne particle, then it raises the price of the product.

Consider the sound

Of course, you would not like to buy a product that produces unnecessary annoying sound, especially when you are installing an air scrubber in your bedroom or study room. It is; therefore, better to choose for the product that produces less sound. You should choose a larger unit that operates at a low speed, producing less noise.

Consider additional features

After making a desirable choice by looking at the basic feature, make your product more efficient by considering some additional features into it like caster wheels, handle for mobility, remote control features, multiple fan speed options, filter change indicator, sensors, and more. These features will make the product more efficient and improve the product overall performance.

Consider the room for keeping air scrubber

In most of the cases, it is better to keep the unit in the room where you spent the maximum hours of your day. Since portable air scrubbers are designed to be used in a single room, therefore you need to buy multiple units for using it in a different area of your home. You can make use of additional features like a wheel and handle that makes it easy to shift it from one room to another.

Buying a reliable product after considering the above factors will help you in getting the best air scrubber for your home or workplace.

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