What gym owners should know about dehumidification

Without a dehumidification system in a gym, customers’ post-workout sweat will give off a bad smell, which causes shorten the life of exercise equipment and worsen indoor air quality. Additionally, poor air quality can lead to the spread of disease. Therefore, controlling the indoor humidity of the gym will reduce the growth of mold and bacteria, and provide a healthy exercise space for customers.

Given that many gyms operate 24 hours a day, this means that fresh moisture is constantly entering the indoor air. In many areas, traditional air conditioning systems are still used. The outdoor temperature is lower than the indoor’s, the air conditioner cannot control the accumulation of moisture. Therefore, the best dehumidification method is to install a specialized dehumidification system. It works with an existing air conditioner to filter the liquid particles in the air, helping and maintaining a clean and hygienic facility.

For effective moisture control in the gym, the dehumidifier should work in conjunction with the HVAC system. In addition to installing dehumidifiers in the main fitness area, auxiliary areas such as changing rooms and cardio rooms also need to be installed.

Because of these areas, customers shower and use hot tubs, which directly adds moisture to the gym. Moreover, according to the situation of different areas, gym owners can choose the appropriate dehumidifier for installation.However, it should be noted that the dehumidifier should be maintained regularly. And maintenance includes regular draining and cleaning of water tanks, ensuring that motors and electronic components are in good condition, etc.

Dehumidifiers can be customized, and gym owners can choose according to their own needs. The customized included:

Indoor or outdoor/roof installation

Water cooling

Indoor or outdoor/roof installation

BACnet control BMS

Horizontal or vertical configurations

Single or three-phase power options

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