Whether the pellets need to be dried?

Pellets are hygroscopic, so wet conditions can damage their quality. Pellets are fragile in the production and storage stage. Therefore, setting up a high-performance desiccant dehumidifier can effectively protect these pellets from being damaged.

Neglecting proper air conditioning production and storage can be counterproductive. Biofuels are damaged by humidity because they are like untreated raw wood and are highly hygroscopic, which causes them to get ruined when used. So manufacturers and customers have to be very careful with their products. Mold is also common in pellets when stored in a moist area. It will also affect the production machinery. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, we must invest in technological upgrades to maintain the quality of pellets. Our dehumidifiers are the most popular equipment among pellet manufacturers and efficiently extract moisture from the air.

Our dehumidifiers are eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, and reasonably priced and are the most popular products on the market. One of the most popular heating media is pellet fuel, a by-product of the wood industry and is cheap and easy to use. The pellets are made from sawdust, so no additional trees need to be cut down for production. bark and sawdust are ground to uniform sizes and then dried to make small, compact briquettes.

In the pallet manufacturing process, the manufacturer must pay attention to the climatic conditions of the production workshop. If the pellets or wood chips to be compacted are not thoroughly dried, the pellets cannot be used as the desired biofuel because the maximum amount of water that granular fuel allows is 10 to 15 percent. Too much moisture is attracted to the pellets and will always result in unnecessary pellet development, resulting in pallet unavailability. Because of the adverse effects of air humidity, using a dehumidifier is a very effective method.

provide the best climate conditions for the production and storage of pellets. In addition, our dehumidifiers have a very high dehumidification capacity. And we provide you with the perfect service at a reasonable price.

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