6 Reasons Why You Need an ALORAIR HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber!

Are you experiencing water or humidity damage to your property? Is it possible that it can cause structural issues in the future?

If you’re concerned with all these try getting the building assessed by certified professionals and, in the meantime bring in a premium-grade air scrubber device like the ALORAIR HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber to contain the situation.

Air scrubbers are exceptionally effective devices that can treat a wide range of air-related issues, from water damage to humidity control and containing air contaminants like odor and pet dander.

Now, we’re going to explore some key characteristics of our ALORAIR HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber, which will assist you in battling water damage.

Promotes Healthy Indoor Air Quality with Triple Filters

The thing that separates the HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber from the average air scrubbers is its’ unbelievable air purifying capabilities. Some unique features make it a beast in terms of offering air filtration.

First of all, the device comes equipped with a 3 Stage Filtration System. The triple filtration mechanism includes Pre-filter, HEPA, and Activated Carbon Filter This tri-filtration technology will not let any pollutants pass through no matter how tiny it is.

This wide range of filtration technologies present in the device makes it an absolute killer of air pollutants like allergens, mold, and mildew, keeping your indoor air cleaner!

Protection from Diseases with UV-C Light Technology

Another reason why you should go for this premium air scrubber is the integrated UV-C Light Technology which minimizes your possibility of getting affected by various diseases and viruses.

But what is UV-C Light Technology anyway?

The UV-C Light is a revolutionary technology that kills bacteria, viruses, and molds. It is a non-thermal mode of disinfection that uses light energy to oxidize or destroy microorganisms.

As a result, you’re kept protected from different disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

Well, it will equip the  AlorAir PureAiro HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber with the ability to kill off harmful germs and bacteria with ease. This technologically advanced feature will also keep viruses, pet dander, and other damaging particles in check. It will greatly purify the indoor air quality minimizing diseases, home odor, and other health issues.

Optimal Restoration Assistance

If your house has been affected by water or humidity damage, the HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber would be a perfect fit for restoring your house back to its normal state. It will recondition your house to look new.

Keeps Asthma and Allergies In Check

We’ve already mentioned how technologically advanced mechanisms like Triple Filtration System orUV-C Light will hunt down asthma and allergy triggers like bacteria, viruses, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, and other harmful particles found in the air.

When your house is completely free of all these trigger elements, there will naturally be fewer possibilities of allergy or asthma attacks.

Highly Durable Air Scrubber Unit

Durability is always a challenge for air scrubber units. Due to long operational hours and humid conditions, the electric equipment supporting the device can malfunction.

And that’s something we have paid great attention to while designing the premium HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber Device. It uses a tremendously stable motor, and other components in the device have been built to withstand various environmental conditions.

As a result, the air scrubber is equipped with an intense staying power, providing lasting performance.

Affordability and Ease of Use

It has been designed pretty lightweight compared to the features it comes with. The large handle on top and the compact design will make it exceptionally easy to move and change places.

The filter change indicator lights reduce the hassle of manual inspection while the device can be stored compactly without taking up much space, making it one of the most user-friendly air purification technologies right now.

Moreover, the price point at which commercial-grade air scrubber comes in is unbelievable.

Increased Productivity and Maintaining Cleanliness of Properties

The HEPA Pro 970 is an outstanding air purification device that creates a favorable breathing atmosphere. Moreover, the added cleanliness makes the environment a lot safer, positively influencing the employees in your workplace and improving productivity enormously.

Covers a Large Area for Healthier Indoor Environment

The good thing about the HEPA Pro 970 is it comes with a powerful 750 max CFM which will cover up to 1100 sqft area. Operating this incredibly powerful air purification device in your home would offer a healthier indoor environment for children and adults alike.

Despite the numerous benefits, the device may seem to be a bit loud for some. So, that’s something you should consider before going ahead with the device.

Fix the Underlying Building Leakage Issues First

While getting an air scrubber will certainly help, it is recommended that you repair any underlying leakage issues in your building first. If you’re not repairing the hidden leaks no amount of effort would be sufficient.

But How to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home?

Here are some things you can do:

  • The best possible solution would be to call in an authentic, certified plumber who can locate all the leakage issues at once.
  • Check areas or walls behind which water pipes are usually located.
  • Check the water tank or boiler valves. Look for watermarks near these elements.
  • Check the toilets. Try minimizing water wastage such as keeping the water taps running for long.
  • Check the showerheads for any leaks or loosened valves that can slowly drip water.

Now that you’ve repaired all the underlying building leakage issues, the air scrubber will be able to work on the restoration process smoothly.

Final Thoughts

So, after our detailed discussion, you may already have a broad understanding of the incredible performance output of the HEPA Pro 970.

It’s one of our top-end, commercial-grade air scrubber units which offers premium air purification while being cost-effective at the same time.

Moreover, you’re backed by our years-long support, so if you have any issues while using the device, we’ll back you up.

So, get your own Pro 970 today and breath in the fresh air every minute!

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  1. Do you have an air scrubber that can be installed with my residential HVAC system? I’ve heard of a brand called AEGIS that does this, but your company has a great reputation, so I’d like to see if you have this. Thank you!

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