Why Do You Need An ALORAIR HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber?

What is an air purifier? It is an aggressive air purifier commonly used by disaster recovery companies in the event of a fire, flood, or mold infestations so that people can work and live in safer and healthier air.

When we had a pipe burst at our office building, and Service Master came out to deal with it, they set up a commercial dehumidifier like the ALORAIR® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier. They should have also added a few of these air scrubbers to help improve the air quality and reduce mold growth, but if they didn’t, mold took over because they skipped using these. Because dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, harmful substances also need to be collected and eliminated.

Now you are likely thinking, “but my dehumidifier has an air filter, so I don’t need this.” That would be incorrect. While the nicer dehumidifiers do have some air filtration, their HEPA quality is not high, which means they capture some of the bad stuff but pass through many molds and viruses.

Here is a tip: If you don’t have a UV-C light, you aren’t killing mold and viruses so they can continue to not only exist but grow (including on your HEPA filter). If you don’t have a HEPA level filter, a lot of stuff sneaks through the air purifier.

So, to improve the air quality in your room, you need an air purifier to move the air around. Most people have air purifiers in their homes and offices, but they tend to be ordinary air purifiers used in small areas, so they can’t cover all the spaces we’d like to achieve.

While having a UV-C light (which kills mold and viruses) is always important right now with CO-VID 19, even the best HEPA filters don’t stop it. HEPA filters grab items as small as 0.3 microns while CO-VID 19 are 0.125 microns or smaller. Without a UV-C light, you are doing nothing to viruses.

ALORAIR PureAiro HEPA Pro 970 Air Scrubber is robust, compact, and a little bit loud at its highest setting, but it is all of those things for excellent reasons. When you turn it on, it sounds more like an HVAC air handler than a fan or an air purifier. It has a dial that allows you to adjust the air volume to your needs–using this in an empty building, turn it on high. If you are using this in your home, you can turn it on low, which is a lot quieter.

With the volume of air this unit filters and moves, you would expect the case to shake or vibrate, but it is solid as a rock and sits there doing its thing.

While you do have to purchase replacement filters and bulbs during their lifespan, they are cheaper than many small residential filters. If anyone running a business or office right now thinks about investing in some of these to reduce the flu, CO-VID 19, and your legal liability compared to doing nothing.

So stock up on hand sanitizer, face masks, and a few of these units to save lives and reduce the chance of having people get sick from dirty air.

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