Why Must the ALORAIR Sentinel HDi90 Dehumidifier be Considered in The Basement of a Villa

The space design of the villa residents is more personalized when decorating, and more entertainment space can be created. The collection room, home theater, wine cellar, tea room, chess, and card room, etc. are generally arranged in the negative or even negative second-floor space. But to fully enhance the use-value of leisure space, the first problem to be solved before decoration design is moisture.

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Facing the common problem of damp and moldy in villa basement, we must first find out the mechanism and the root cause of damp and moldy, and then use professional moisture-proof and mold-proof technology to solve the problem permanently, get rid of damp and moldy troubles, and make entertainment space not idle.

What are the reasons why the basement of the villa is humid and moldy?

When decorating the villa basement, the interior is not waterproofed, moisture-proof, and mildew-proof. The villa basement concrete is not densely poured, the construction joint garbage is not cleaned, and the villa basement concrete floor wall panel temperature cracks and other common building problems will also cause the villa basement to leak, damp, and mold. The temperature of the basement is lower than that of the ground. After the high-temperature and high-humidity air on the ground enters the basement, the temperature drops quickly and it is easy to condense, which aggravates the moisture in the basement. The basement is close to the soil and groundwater sources. The evaporation of moisture in the soil and water sources also causes indoor Damp.


When the indoor air humidity in the villa is too high, the walls will sweat, and black spots will appear after a long time, which directly affects the beauty of the interior. What is more serious is that the mold will damage the valuable furniture items in the home and bring incalculable loss. High indoor humidity is also not conducive to family health. In order to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment, villa buildings often need to be equipped with energy-efficient temperature and humidity control systems.

ALORAIR Sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier helps you stay away from humidity and enjoy a healthy life

The household ALORAIR Sentinel HDi90(Build in Pump) dehumidifier through efficient dehumidification ensures that the humid space gradually achieves the desired dry effect. It achieves ventilation while dehumidifying, supplement the fresh air in the room, and when the air is replaced, the water in the air can be turned into water and drained. The purpose of preventing moisture from both symptoms and root causes is very suitable for villa basement use.


The ALORAIR Sentinel HDi90 (Duct-able) integrates dehumidification and purification functions. It has a significant dehumidification effect. It has the function of purifying the air during circulation and dehumidification so that the air in the living space can be fresh and the humidity can be reached at the same time.

1 .Solve the problem of indoor humidity

ALORAIR Sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier powerfully dehumidifies, can keep the indoor humidity at a relatively comfortable humidity value for the human body, remove indoor humidity, and keep the living environment comfortable and healthy. The relatively humid basement can also achieve dryness and comfort. The dehumidifier automatically drains water and is easy to use.

2 .Reduce the incidence of allergies

ALORAIR Sentinel HD90 can purify and filter the outdoor air and send it indoors, effectively controlling the intrusion of dust, PM2.5, and pollen, making the air in the room fresh and maintaining circulating exchanges, reducing the possibility of allergies and increasing indoor comfort, Let the family breathe fresher air.

The multifunctional space in the villa enriches people’s lifestyles and makes life healthier and more interesting. Don’t let dampness ruin the enjoyment of life. Choose ALORAIR Sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier to achieve indoor air circulation, stay away from damp and mold, and enjoy natural and healthy life.

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