Why You Need An Air Scrubber During The Holiday?

The festive countdown is on! You want a healthy holiday, and the diet is not the only thing you need to pay attention to. The indoor air quality is also the main point you should focus on.

For many of us, festivals are filled with food and smell. Such as grilled food, baked goods, scented candles, burning fireplaces, and Christmas trees. All of these can bring happiness and a classic Christmas ambiance to people. However, the atmosphere makers can also be the environmental trouble maker. Fortunately, if we avoid using certain holiday items and turn on the air scrubber can effectively reduce the contamination and create a healthy holiday environment for you and your family.

Two reasons can worsen indoor air quality: inadequate ventilation and chemicals products. In addition, the contaminate can also be brought into the house by people coming from outdoors. And due to the modern buildings being well-sealed and insulated, indoor air pollution can not get away from home but accumulate day and night. The typical indoor air pollution includes:

  1. Volatile organic compounds, like scented candles, are Christmas tree decoration goods.
  2. Mold and mildew
  3. Viruses and bacteria
  4. Smoke, such as smoke from candles, kitchen fumes, and tobacco
  5. Allergens contain pet dander and hair, pollen, and dust
  6. Viruses and bacteria

How do you ensure a healthy holiday? Several tips can help you.

  1. Use beeswax candles

You can use beeswax candles instead of scented candles. Some cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom aroma are more likely to bring people into the festive atmosphere. However, it contains an amount of VOCs and can harm your health. On the contrary, the beeswax candle doesn’t have any chemicals and is smokeless. In addition, it can release negative ions to eliminate the toxins.

  1. Ventilate the kitchen

Holiday brings the family together. People enjoy the feast and have precious family time. However, When the kitchen is overloaded, it reduces indoor air quality. Because carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and some chemicals are produced during cooking. It harms people with respiratory disease or poor immune systems. Therefore, you need to ventilate your kitchen to refresh the kitchen air.

  1. Watch out for the fireplace

It is a warm and lovely picture of families sitting around the fire on a festival night. But you know burning wood can produce particles that get into your lungs and cause lung disease. If people already have lung disease, it can make the condition worse.

  1. Purchase ALORAIR air scrubber

Air scrubber is an aggressive air purifier. The PureAiro HEPA Pro 970 features UV-C light technology that works with a highly effective 3 Stage Filtration System. It is cETL certified and can eliminate airborne irritants such as dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, and pet dander. Therefore, running an air scrubber can bring fresh and healthy air to your home environment.

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